One Day Packages for a Perfect Weekend Getaway near Delhi

City dwellers in the current age remain constantly on the run. Hence, they keep looking out for ways to rejuvenate and replenish themselves during the weekends. While doing so, they seek a place that will satiate their adrenaline rush and allow them time for relaxation simultaneously.

One day packages near Delhi are thus, the latest fad amongst the inhabitants of Delhi. These are the perfect spots for urban as well as rural tourism. The setup of these one-day packages near Delhi is such that they provide a mix of urban and rural activities, sports and ambiance. Also, surrounded by a lot of greenery, these are a perfect option for those belonging to the older age groups too. The scenic beauty of such places is also captivating. All in all, these one-day packages are total value for money.

There a certain essential one needs to consider while planning a getaway at places of one-day packages near Delhi. Read on to see what are these factors?

To begin with, list down your interests. Based on these, you can select what activities you will like to do at the place of one-day packages. You can curate a list depending on whether you would like to do water-based activities, adventure sports or something else. Once you have listed down all the options, narrow it down by finalizing the most preferred activities amongst the ones you have listed.

Allot a budget: At these spots of urban and rural tourism near Delhi, the first and foremost things is allotting a budget. A lot of things depend on the limit of expenditure you can make during the trip. For example, selecting the destination, accommodation, activities will all depend on the budget you have on hand for these one-day packages?

Duration of the getaway: People like to go to these places of getaways during the weekends only. Doing so, they do not have to cut out on their other commitments or take leaves from the office. Hence, these trips last usually as long as a day or two. You may plan your getaway depending on your convenience. If it’s more than a day, lay out your agenda. Allot time to each activity you will do during the trip to places of one-day packages.

Meal during the getaway: Besides considering the budget and duration, one more thing that you will need to consider is the food options. You can check out nearby restaurants or eating joints for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, you can check with the organizers of the one-day packages if the meal comes included in the package.

Indulge in activities that require to be done in a group: It is ideal that you take your family or friends along to these weekend getaways as the fun factor is likely to increase manifold if you do so. Even while indulging in activities, pick up the ones that need to be done or played in a group. This will let you bond with your loved ones and the other team members.

Set aside some time to relax: While you are on the weekend getaway, remember to set some time apart for yourself. Shed the stress from the hectic week at work during this time. Relax and sleep for as long as you please. Talk with your partner or family members and utilize it for spending quality time.

Apart from the above tips to plan a perfect outing with your family and friends, let us look at the best places for one-day packages near Delhi.

The Rurban Village is a picnic spot located on the outskirts of the city. This place is surrounded by ample greenery and is a fresh change from the contaminated atmosphere of Delhi. The place offers a congregation of rural as well as urban activities and perfect for the group outing. Besides that, the place also has an option of really exciting adventure sports such as zorbing, zip – lining, ATV, etc.

It also has meal and accommodation option thus taking care of what all you will require in a single package. Also, the per person cost is very reasonable. There are a lot of rural as well as urban activities to choose from. Activities such as swimming, river crossing, paddle boating, etc. are sure to thrill everyone.