Outfits Wear On Your Days Off

Getting a correct combination of outfit to maintain your fashion trends as well as keeping you comfortable in weekends can be a bit tricky. So is it cool to wear high heels in brunch, yes why not? Its all about how you carry them. So where to find what goes with what, which determines your taste and how you go with the trend. Here providing you with some combinations for every season that goes well on your off days. 

Pair up with your jeans

“Simple and casual” – this phrase is what we want to maintain on off days and want to have a classy look with less than five minutes. To start with the most basic apparel is the jeans. It goes with everything on every occasion and in every season. For summer outfits to winter it fits in all, it’s just on you how you pair them up. All you need is a v-neck or round neck t-shirts of your choice. Now you can make this plain outfit to a fabulous and an eye-catching one, just by adding up some layering. Layering goes well for the winters, where you can cover with some blazers or scarf to add a pinch of sophistication. If you think you lack colors, then pair them with accessories. Add bright colored earrings or animal print boots. Beaty lies in you, you can enhance it by assembling all these basics to get a new fresh look every time you go out. You can get great discount on clothing online using Pipa Bella coupons.

Reach out to your Hoodie

We all know hoodie provides with much comfort, providing warmth on cooler days! But it’s that the only thing? I wear a hoodie at ofc in cold odcs, or even in the lounge watching movies or busy listening to music on Sundays. I make sure I owe all the various colors of the hoodie to go with my fashion. If you have in mind to wear them on lazy days only, then you are on the wrong track. The most simple way to flaunt in hoodies is to pair them up with sleek trousers and high heels. The shine of your trousers will help to balance out the relaxed feel of your hoodie completing your look in a much more classy look. If you still thinking that you are missing on something, or it’s not the way you want, you can always catalyze with accessories. Cool trendy belts with designer bags would definitely ramp up your look.

Graphic Tees

Often I have a debate with my friends about tees. Personally, I love them to wear as they give you a sassy look for the weekend wear. I find them cute and simple and yet giving you a chicky look. You can easily pair it up with jeans or oversized casual PJs.

You can go semi-formals and ultimate casual with this graphic tees. So if you really want to be perfect of your off days, just running but still wanna something more than your sweats, then these tees work the way you want.

Mixing Pattern

Some women are so good at mixing patterns. The most simple element to get started with. It’s really a simple way to make your weekend outfit more interesting. Animal print is considered to be basic and neutral in nature and you can really mix it up with neutral stripes. Having a striped top or cardigan, pair with solid color jeans or skirts! This outfit calls for me every time and makes me ready for almost three of the four seasons!


We have always been trying to mix and match and go for contrasting colors. Have you ever thought of going monochrome? To get a casual all is needed a minimal effort. Be the same from head to toe. For me, it has always been black. Black is my favorite color when it comes to being monochrome. A slight twist would also go well, try some navy or marron, just a two-piece outfit. A soft cardigan paired up with sleek trousers or skirts. If you want to add some colors, you can always go for dark color footwear or throw a dark-colored handbag. It gives you a retro feel with the much-complicated look but most easy to get with a few minutes. You can get the latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

Highlight your shoes

Not happy with your look? Want to add some variations to your dress code? You can always get variations by changing your footwear, which can result in a new fashion style statement. If you are wearing a casual denim jacket with slim-fit jeans, leopard print boots go beyond your expectation. If you are going out with sleek trousers with casual shirts, pair it up with pencil heels to get much-sophisticated looks. Last but not least wedges go well with every look, maybe it’s casual boyfriend jeans or with dresses. Cool and fashionable footwear can always change your style statement varying each time.