Pax 3 Vaporizer – The Best Buy Herbal Vaporizer

Ever since Pax has hit the vaporizer market, it has been on top. With every new generation, you get something better with the device. Speaking of the new big hit Pax 3, the vaporizer has won many hearts. The design, features, specifications, and other features, the device has just got better than the previous ones. The improved oven, the ease to switch between concentrates and herbs,  and smartphone connectivity are added features which make the device even better.

To cut straight to the point, Pax 3 is an excellent device. Now, let’s look at the detailed Pax 3 vaporizer review and know more about the device.

What’s in the box:

Before we start the details, let’s checkout what we get in the box.

➜ PAX 3 Vaporizer

➜ Concentrate Insert

➜ Charging Cable + Dock

➜ 3500 mAh Battery

➜ 2 Mouthpieces, 3 screens, and 2 oven lids

➜ Maintenance Kit

➜ Charging Cable + Dock

First impressions

What’s make Pax 3 stand out from the competitors is the design. The device looks wonderful and comes with a mirror-polished anodized aluminum shell. The device currently features Gold, Silver, Black, and the limited edition Rose Gold. the shiny appearance of the device is simply amazing, and there is nothing wrong to say that Pax 3 is one of the most good-looking vaporizers.


If you have ever used Pax 3, then you must have noticed a few changes. One of the most prominent things to notice in the device is how fast and reaches the desired temperature easily. You won’t even notice the time.

The battery of the Pax 3 is pretty impressive as well. The herbs get heated up in about 10-15 seconds. This means you can enjoy vapes on the go for a big vaping session. The single charge will give you a good vaping time.

Now, many of you must be wondering, if they will get big clouds? Hell, yes! All those who enjoy big vapes and thick vapor quality will easily get with Pax 3. So, you can show-off your friends with some great vaping sessions. Depending on how you want the vape to be, you will get the results. The device is surely a beast when it comes to the performance.

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Smartphone app

The power feature of Pax 3 is undoubtedly the smartphone app. Yes, there are countless vaporizers providing smartphone feature, but the only vape doing this with utmost precision is Pax 3.

The Pax 3 is easy to operate and is available for both Android and IOS.  You get fine-tune vaping experience which controls the temperature. You also get some hidden features with the device which are really cool. You can easily control the temperature down to a single degree, which is pretty amazing. You also get a lockout feature which is great, this prevents the people from using.

We would still say that the smartphone app is not the only reason to buy Pax 3, but there is a list of many added features which you get with the device.

Final verdict

The Pax line has been producing some of the best vaporizers in the market. The device is for all those who are looking for a powerhouse of added features and want to enjoy quality vaping sessions. You get some outstanding features like – it heats the herbs quickly, its small, and honestly it looks great. These few things set the device apart from the competitors and make it a great hit.

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