Pitfalls of Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is quite a popular name when it comes to free online movie streaming sites. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows all day long on Couch Tuner, that too without any bound.


But like any other free movie streaming sites, Couch Tuner too has some pitfalls. Let me tell you about the drawbacks of this movie streaming site, so that next time you can be alert before you start watching a movie.

Firstly, the ad pop-ups. Every time you click to watch a movie or a TV show, a new window would get opened with those annoying and unsafe ads. Sometimes even they pop up when you try to change the volume or go to a new episode.

This is a matter of irritation for many of us. We watch movies online on the internet to avoid these ads and to enjoy a nice browsing experience. Otherwise, why did we leave the television channels in the first place?!

And if sites like Couch Tuner can’t provide us an ad-free streaming experience, then we better go back to television, right?

Secondly, Couch Tuner is not a legally authenticated site. The movies and shows streaming on Couch Tuner are broadcasted from third-party sources. They are not owned or downloaded by Couch Tuner. So, if authenticity is of primary importance for you, then you better go for sites like Netflix and Hulu. They might cost you money, but they are safe and free from malware and ad pop-ups.

Thirdly, because of its ad pop-ups and lack of authenticity, Couch Tuner is blocked in most of the nations of the world. And to reach its viewers, Couch Tuner keeps coming with new sites. This is a matter of confusion for viewers. They tend to get puzzled about which site is safe or which site is not blocked. So, this is another drawback of Couch Tuner.

Finally, I have been observing that, Couch Tuner is failing to bring many new movies and latest episodes of TV series. Like, they have still not brought the latest seasons of Riverdale and Stranger Things. This is bad news for the movie buffs and binge watchers. If you won’t get to see the latest movies and seasons of TV shows, then why would you take the pain of going through all those unsafe ads?

These were pretty much the drawbacks of Couch Tuner. If you’re fed up with Couch Tuner and looking for new and updated sites which would let you watch movies and TV shows for free, but without the ads, then my suggestion would be, Couch Tuner, where you can come across many better sites like Couch Tuner.