The ‘where to place a fire extinguisher’ 101! – Bonnot Smillmo

Fire outbreaks happen all the time and that is why it is important to invest in fire safety equipment to overcome all possible fire dangers. Whether you are at home, at your office, in a commercial building for business or in a vehicle, fire safety standards should be met. Since fire safety equipment list is extensive, it is best that you have the essential most equipment handy. Fire safety items such as fire extinguishers, fire safety blankets, and smoke alarms are essential.

fire extinguisher testing

As far as fire extinguishers are in question, they not only help curb fires swiftly but are easy to use and store. In addition to that, fire extinguisher testing Brisbane is one important factor which should top your itinerary because fire extinguisher testing and tagging will ensure the work ability of the extinguisher all year long.

With that said, as important as owning fire safety pieces are, so are the storing areas. What good will the fire extinguishers be if you cannot use them during a fire crisis?

That is why we have gathered the best possible info regarding the storage places of fire extinguishers so that you can stay stress-free during all possible fire hazards.


Here is a list of places you can store your fire extinguishers at home.

  • Kitchen: The idea behind storing a fire extinguisher in the kitchen reflects on the fact that most house fires start from the kitchen. Statistically, 65%. If you will have a portable fire extinguisher handy, you can put the fire out within seconds without further ado.
  • Garage: a Garage is a place where mostly homeowners store their paints, flammable liquids, wooden items and combustible products. Placing a fire extinguisher in the garage after thorough Jim’s fire extinguisher testing is the best idea because you wouldn’t want to feel helpless if a fire starts unexpectedly.
  • Sitting room fireplace: Believe it or not, home heating is another major cause of house fires and hence it is best to keep a fire extinguisher handy near the fireplace, especially during the winters.
  • Backyard: Backyard is a personal area where the family likes to make barbeque, throw bonfire parties for family and friends and so on. Whenever there is fire involved, it is better to be prepared for the worst beforehand. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby at all times will be beneficial to everyone.


It is imperative for employers to ensure the safety of their co-workers, employees, and visitors during office hours at all times. Fire safety standards should be met according to the law and hence fire extinguishers should be located at different places where they are easily accessible.

Here are a few places you can store your fire extinguishers in workplaces:

  • Central Lobby: Class A fire extinguishers should be present in the central lobby where everyone can access them. At least two should be hung on the wall if the lobby is large. Since class A extinguishers are used for putting out the fire caused by papers and wooden materials, they are the best suitable option.
  • Storage Rooms and Workshop Area: Class B extinguishers should be located in storage areas as well as workshops because they can put out fires caused by flammable liquids such as oil, diesel, petrol, alcohol, etc.
  • Parking Area: Class D extinguishers should be placed in the official parking lot as class D extinguishers are best to put out fires involving metals.


All boats have different sizes. However, keeping an extinguisher accessible after fire extinguisher testing Brisbane is necessary to overcome all fire hazards. The kitchen, cabin, and bilge should be covered.