Post Root Canal Pain Explained

To most people, undergoing a root canal treatment involves some level of pain. Although it’s normal for most people to experience some discomfort after the procedure, excessive pain isn’t normal.

Thanks to modern technology, this procedure is safe, quick, and often pain-free. This makes it a great way of helping people to save their natural teeth.  However, to get the most of any type of root canal treatment, you should know when pain is normal and when you need to see your endodontist for evaluation.

How Much Pain Is Deemed Normal?

Post Root Canal Pain

Most people will report feeling a bit tender or sensitive a few days following the procedure. This is attributed to several factors:

  • Tissue around the gums is still inflamed or swollen: Although the nerve root was removed from the tooth by the dentist, there are still some nerves in the tissues and ligaments surrounding the tooth. When this part is inflamed, for example after a root canal procedure, the nerve endings can also create discomfort.
  •  Instrument damage: There is a possibility that a dental instrument that was used for cleaning out the root canal damaged the sensitive neighboring tissues inadvertently.
  •  High temporary filling: A scenario like this might occur when the doctor puts in a temporary filling and fail to smooth it down evenly enough. This might mean that the mouth bites harder on that specific spot, something that would result in your tooth feeling sore.

Normally, the discomfort and sensitivity brought about by the root canal should disappear within a couple of days. But if the situation persists or the pain cannot be relieved by home methods, call your endodontist for evaluation.

How Much Pain Is Too Much Pain?

So, how do you tell that the pain you are experiencing is too much? The first sign is that the pain is so severe that it hinders you from going about your regular duties. In that case, contact your dentist immediately.

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Sometimes, a root canal procedure may be followed by complications. The extreme pain might come as a result of the failure of the treatment to fully get rid of the source of pain or bacteria. Most probably, the issue is caused by a crack in the tooth or a problem with the filling.

In case the pain is severe and refuses to go even after several days, call you endodontist or doctor right away. The dentist will examine your troubling tooth and advise you on what to do to correct the situation.

Parting Thoughts

It’s usual for people to associate root canal treatment with pain. However, this is just one of the several root canal myths. The aim of the procedure is not to cause pain to patients, but relieve them of pain brought about by infection and tooth decay.

If you abided with the post-treatment instructions but you still experience severe pain, it could be that something went wrong with either the treatment or the tooth. If you still experience excessive pain after the root canal treatment, it’s best to see your endodontist or dentist.