Pregnancy FAQs Answered

Motherhood is a blessing which not only brings a lot of joy but also a lot of questions on how to have a healthy pregnancy. Here are the answers to all the basic question an expecting mother has. Read along to arm yourself with a bundle of helpful tips to take care of you and your baby.

  1. What to eat and drink?

    Eat five to six well-balanced meals in a day. Include a mix of fruits in different colors, whole grains, pulses, legumes and an ample amount of vegetables.

  • Folic acid is an essential nutrient for a healthy baby. It helps to combat serious health defects. Avocados, lentils, citrus fruits and dark-colored vegetables are rich in this vitamin. Experts recommend about 400 mg of it which can be met with a combination of vitamin pills and a healthy folic rich diet.
  • Calcium is essential for bone growth in the child and healthy bones in mom. Consume around 1,000 mg of it in the form of low-fat milk and yogurt.
  • Iron is essential for oxygenating your baby, for normal development and to prevent premature delivery. Protein rich foods like lean meat, pulses, nuts, and legumes.
  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water and juices each day. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.
  • Take prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your doctor to get enough vitamins and minerals.
  1. Should you exercise during your pregnancy?

The answer is absolutely yes. Stay active with pregnancy-friendly exercises to avoid excessive weight gain, improve your circulation, boost your mood and help you sleep better.

  • Walking for about 30 min in a day is a good way to start. Make sure to start slow and maintain a moderate pace and wear proper walking shoes.
  • Yoga and pilates are great to strengthen core muscles. You can either go to a class or try at home with proper supervision. There ample of videos online that give Hindi pregnancy tips on exercising.
  • Kegels exercise is a great way to build strong pelvic muscles, support your bladder, bowel and uterus. It is as easy as squeezing your pelvic muscles as though you are stopping your urine flow. Hold it for three seconds and relax for three. Repeat.
  1. What should I wear during my pregnancy?

As your bump grows so does your entire body you need to find the right pregnancy clothes and footwear to help you through this phase in comfort pregnancy clothes.

  • Go shoe shopping. Find comfortable shoes with soft, thick soles. Try to buy one size up to accommodate your feet comfortable even when you have a little swelling in your feet which is very common at this time.
  • Avoid shoes with laces and straps that will need you to bend low. Go for slip-on shows and ballet flats.
  • Keep a few pairs of nursing bra handy before your delivery. Sports bras are your best friend during the entire pregnancy.
  • For clothing, go for flowy maxi dresses in natural, breathable fibers like cotton or linen. T-shirt dresses, oversized flannel shirts, and comfortable yoga pants are also your available options.
  • A shrug is essential to not only keep you warm but also for concealing your baby bump.

It is important that you as the mother stay informed so read as many pregnancy magazines, books and online articles you can. You can get tips for pregnant women in Hindi or English from experts and doctors from these.