Ideas to Keep in Mind When Buying Promotional Pens

The promotional pens are demanded like hot cakes and they are practically available everywhere. Pens are one thing that never goes out-of-style as they are not just items of utility but also products of fetish for many. It is for this reason, that the popularity and demand of pens never diminish and now with the unstoppable and ever-increasing trend of product customization, these have surpassed most of the other utility stuff as far as brand promotions and gift personalization are concerned. Naturally, businesses of all sizes and shapes are now preferring the customized pens for their advertising endeavors and for enhancing their brand awareness. The promotional pens can be handed out at checkouts or can be distributed as simple giveaways or can be sent as gifts so as to attract the attention of the customers and clients and serve as gentle reminders of your brand for a long time to come.

So if you are thinking of using promotional pens for the marketing of your brand, here are some of the ideas or factors that you should consider while purchasing the promotional pens. Just take a look.

  • Choose the Pens Keeping in Mind the Company Logo – You should always choose the promotional pens on the basis of the graphic identity that you are thinking of portraying. So you must consider both the color and shape of the pen at the time of deciding. For example, a thin pen with limited space for printing is not the ideal choice for a round or intricate logo that comes with a significant amount of texts. It is also advisable that you go for several printings on the pens part from complementing the logo with a prominently printed web address or a special message. You should understand that the pen can change hands and owner about 3-4 times and the new receivers have not accessed the same information as the original receiver.

  • Decide the Message on the Pens – This is quite crucial in order to let the right message get through. You should first decide the message that you want to convey through the pens and then you should decide the functionality of the pen like the twist mechanism, push or click, touch type and the ink colour and so on. All this can matter a lot in order to showcase your brand’s message in the right way.

  • Estimate the Number – You should have a “rule of thumb” from day one. Usually one pen for every personal encounter at the store or for every purchase or meeting is quite ideal. But if you have no clue about how many to order you can order a limited quantity initially. This way the price per piece can be enhanced as it goes by the rule -More pens less price! But by following this tip you won’t have a great number of extra and can know whether your designing and choice of the pen are right or not! Most of the reputed customisation providing firms store your designs and thus it will save you time when you order more after your first purchase.

  • Keep Aside Maximum Time – You should try to order early and keep as much time as possible for getting the maximum value for your money while ordering the customized pens. A lack of time on your behalf implies the following –

  • Enhanced Delivery Cost – The super-fast delivery of promotional pens is frequently offered at times of urgency. But faster delivery always means greater costs and just like other goods, in case of promotional pens, too, this applies.

  • Reduced Selection – You will have reduced selection as most of the pen models will be out of stock.

  • More Chances of Errors – As you are late you may not have time to think thoroughly as there is an enhanced risk of making terrible mistakes at each step for thinking about the target group, purpose, function and messaging of the pen.

You should consider the tips or factors provided above at the time of ordering promotional pens in Sydney so that your customers can benefit the most from these pens and achieve their desired brand awareness and create the buzz with their help.