Quick Fact Checks Before Buying Gold Jewelry Online

In this internet-driven world, you have everything, from groceries, clothing, shoes available online, that can be purchased with just a few clicks. It comes as no surprise that fine jewelry too can be bought online. The ease of browsing through the designs of different jewelers from within your four walls has made the idea of shopping for jewelry online even more popular. Apart from being convenient, there are many offers that online buyers are presented with which are often missing when you walk into a brick and motor store. The list of advantages tagged with online shopping goes on, however, there are certain factors that you should be mindful of while shop for gold and diamond jewelry online.

Rely on trusted sources: With so many online retailers budding in the recent past, it’s easy to fall prey to fraudulent websites. Hence it is recommended that you shop only from renowned jewelry brands like Melorra. You can visit here to check out their impressive range of daily wear lightweight jewelry that is stunning in designs and yet very affordable.

Check the gold rate of the day: When we visit a local jewelry shop, the first thing we want to know is the price of the gold for that day, apply the same rule even while purchasing jewelry online. Check the gold rate of your city, because we know for a fact that the prices vary from city to city and this information can be accessed easily online.

Check for hallmark certification: Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS checks the gold for its purity at the authorized testing centers and puts a hallmark sign on it with the purity levels. This will ensure that you are not doped by the jeweler, and you are paying for the purity as claimed. Brands like Melorra sell only hallmark-certified jewelry so that customers can shop with peace of mind. Browse here to witness some mind-blowing designs of fashionable rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.

Read product description: It’s important that while shopping for gold jewelry online, you thoroughly go through the product description, to gather all important information like the weight of the gold ornament, purity levels, weight of any precious or semi-precious stones used, making charges and so on. If an online retailer isn’t providing these details, it’s best to skip shopping from them. Always remember, a trusted jeweler will share all the details transparently about the product.

Returns and refunds: Ensure to read the fine print about the return and refund policy offered by the online retailer. When compared to other products, you may not get a lot of days to return the gold jewelry, so stay vigilant. We suggest that you keep the original packing intact for few days, just in case if you wish to return it.

Shipment and delivery charges: Most online jewelers have shipment services pan India, and even abroad. Some of them even offer free delivery, so before you hit the button to purchase your favorite piece of an ornament, check out for this information.

Apart from the above, don’t forget to read through the customer reviews, which provide great insight into the brand and product quality.