Reasons On Why Graphic Designers Should Self-Promote On Instagram Platform In Correct Ways Possible

It is not that uncommon to know that graphic designers are in love with Instagram. It is a visual smorgasbord, which proves to be an opportunity for consistent inspiration. For most of the designers, especially the ones of the younger generation, IG proves to be a perfect platform for building a proper audience. If used in proper manner, a strong account can always put up a designer on the map for garnering clients. So, the main question is how to do it right.

love with Instagram

Whenever you ask IG users in the design world about the most important point for the professional account, there is one word, which is surfacing more than once and that is authenticity. It seems to be the strongest pull of social media. It is also the window into real or even genuine lives of people that you admire. However, as the designer looks to build an audience, so they should know more about the ways to balance concerted effort at promotion and growth with genuine story.  The answer proves to be multifaceted. For some more help in this regard, make sure to log online at and get the right help.

You have to be consistent:

It is always mandatory for you to have a consistent message to be portrayed through the IG account. What you ask the people to see will be what they get to know about you and the graphic design business you are in. You can get some though help from photography enthusiasts, who were early adopter of platform and has advised many of fellow designers on some of the best practices.

  • People ensure to follow tons of accounts and they choose one to fill some slot. If the IG fills that slot, they might want to see more of that.
  • Whenever the account proves to be consistent, the followers will know it is the picture from your side before they even get to see the name.
  • You can always have that great image, but if that does not work with account, then it will not work at all.
  • If you ever ask IG representatives, they will tell you something else. If you end up telling different story every time to the IG followers, others might struggle to understand what you are actually trying to communicate over here.
  • Always be sure that you are quite thoughtful about what people want to know and that you are reinforcing consistently over time.

Tell a perfect story:

Instagram is mainly noted to be one storytelling platform. So, be sure to take that opportunity completely and don’t forget to tell a story of your own over here. As designers are always aware of this fact, that story telling does not always have to add words. For most of the people, a visual method comes more or less quite naturally in this regard.

  • If you ever ask any successful IG blogger and graphic designer, the person will have a proper point to state. They always end up meeting people who come all the time to know ways to start a blog without investing much time for that.
  • For any of them, it is always mandatory to hit it off towards Instagram. You can always treat IG just a sort of micro blog, where you get the chance to share your viewpoint.
  • You can further get the opportunity to build an audience in a quicker manner than what you can with a blog.
  • Thanks to the Stories feature on IG, designers will now have the opportunity to tell an in-depth narrative well.
  • For most of them, IG is more like a moment and that is what mostly nice about this platform. It is what you are seeing is what you are experiencing around here.
  • Stories are here to present you with more background to that edited image in the feed so that you can use them for the same purpose.
  • Now, the stories have to be a proper story as you don’t have proper license to post stupid things that won’t make the cut right for you.
  • It is more like presenting behind the scene option of sourcing and even putting a home together. It can prove to be a mix of video and still and you can always have that on silent for people to watch even when they are at work.

Edit is a crucial stage around here for sure:

It is mandatory for every possible graphic designer to know the art of editing photos and videos on Instagram. A designer will always be held high for the aesthetic value and style related to the pictures posted on the individual IG account. They won’t have any excuse for presenting a crooked photo.

  • The entire field of photo and video posting on IG is all about the aesthetics. In case, you end up posting a bad photo, it will be just painful to watch and you might lose some followers immediately.
  • As the job of a graphic designer is to make everything look beautiful and pretty, so the same notion should be followed over here as well while posting pictures and videos on IG. Any kind of bad or blurry photo will make the subject look terrible.
  • Apply a proper sense of balance, composition, and line to the interiors of the photos and attention to details will pay off soon enough. Most of the designers have agreed that head-on photos will work best. You can even head for the best filters to add that oomph factor to the photos and videos.
  • Editing will also deal with the amount of content that you plan to post. Sometimes, less is more. Nobody would like to check more than two photos daily as they don’t have time. Unless you absolutely need it, you can always head for the two pictures per day notion over here.

So, if you are associated with the field of graphic design, then you must have one platform ready for the IG section for sure. It can work really well to grow your business in the near future.

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