Services Required At The Funeral

Death is that part of life which now one wants to face but it is a hard reality of life that everyone has to go through this someday. whenever it happens you need some kind of services which are compulsory. The first and foremost requirement is the dead body van. This van will carry the deceased person from hospital to home and from home to cremation ground. It is very difficult time of the family to go through. But with the change in time, there are many companies which offer funeral services and make all arrangements on behalf of the family.

There are many funeral services that are available in the market and according to your affordability, you can choose the services for your loved ones who are no more in the world now. Some of the funeral services are stated as below:

  • The dead body carrying van: this service is very much required by everyone whether he is a rich person or poor. Families can choose the kind of decoration they want on the van. Even a case manager will also be provided to deceased person. And it is very comfortable and easy intercity transfer. You can book these services online and this whole package will range from INR 3000 to INR 10000. This is one of the most affordable packages for the last rites of your loved ones.
  • Freezer box: this is another service that is being provided. Freezer box will help to preserve the body of dead one for a certain period. As nowadays relatives and even family lives far from each other. So they require time to reach there. so it is better to preserve the body in this box. As this is easily available and professional and certified embalmers comes at your doorsteps to provide their best services. They provide safe and approved standards for the body. This is also a very budget family combo. It price ranges from INR 5000- INR 10000. Some times in special offer they are available at INR 4500.
  • Priests: even priests are required at the time of cremation. The companies that provide funeral services also have their own Vedic certified priests that are required to sharaadh rituals which include hawans. The samigri for jawans are also included in the package. These priests provide the family with peaceful and holistic experience. This package is a little expensive and it cost around INR 15000- 35000. According to your affordability, the family can select the package.

All these services are available online. According to the expenditure the family wants to do can choose the package. It is very hard to time for the family so it is better to outsource these services. From start till finish family can trust the service providers knowledgeable staff that will be here to assist you every step of the way. They offer affordably priced funerals, cremation, and memorial services that are designed to meet your family’s needs and budget. They provide these services for people from all castes and religions and even the companies provide services on an international level.