Shipping API Integration with GoPigeon

Orders, inventory, packing, shipping, accounting, filing tax returns, keeping track of COD (Cash On Delivery shipments), ensuring the refunds get credited to customers after order cancellations or returns, etc. are some of the tasks a store owner has to handle on a daily basis. When they have to keep track of orders from various marketplaces and ensure that all the goods are packed and shipped on time to reach the customers, it becomes a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. This also takes away the owners from making time for crucial business development decisions and strategies.

Ezyslipsis a developer platform that enables the store owners to import the order details from e-commerce websites and marketplaces. The accounting information from Tally can be imported with a single click and the software can be used to maintain the accounts and financial statements. At Ezyslips, we ensure that our clients’ trust in us only grows by constantly providing developer resources that make the backend business handling easier and simple.

GoPigeon is an end-to-end logistics management company. It offers one-stop solutions for all the shipping needs of a business. They are reliable and provide fast shipping services. The GoPigeon Integration Shipping API Integration with Ezyslips organizes and automates the shipping process.

Multiple warehouses can be connected to our platform and different brands for different destinations are handled with ease. Reverse pickup requests are identified and shipping labels can be generated for each of the orders in bulk.

  • Hassle-free Accounting

    • The main objective of accounting is to track the income and expenditures of the business. Knowing the exact financial status helps in making better decisions that can improve the sales or expand the customer base by taking the products wider into the market.
    • Generate detailed invoices with the supplier’s name, shipping and billing address, GST tax calculations, HSN code and attach it along with the packages that need to be delivered.
    • Store owners can upload GST percentage for all products in bulk.
    • The percentage tag of IGST, CGST, SGCT can be shown on all invoices along with state codes. HSN/ SAC summary reports can be generated.
    • The weekly/ monthly tax-wise reports can be generated.
    • Customers can input the GST details on the cart page and the taxes are automatically calculated and added to the subtotal.
  • Return Management

    • Set up custom return reasons. There is no limit to the number of reasons. GoPigeon Integration API with Ezyslips helps handle the orders and returns with a single click.
    • Send SMS to customers and exchange orders easily.
    • Track all the returned/ exchanged orders and credit refund on time.
  • Courier Reconciliation

    • Generate automated reports for reconciliation for the orders.
    • Assign real-time tracking numbers and be in control of the ground transportation of the deliveries.

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