Signs that Your Car Needs New Tires

The car you drive eases you out from the drudgery of transportation. But in return it asks you a bit of maintenance only to guarantee that it delivers the same quality of rides every time you take it out. Maintaining you car involves a long list of parts and components, each of which is important for the well-being of not only your car but also you and your family. And among them, the importance of tires doesn’t require to be reminded. But do you know that the tires are parts of car safety as well? If not maintained well, the tires can cause severe accidents or at the least can make you get stranded at the middle of the road.

In fact, the condition of your car tires is directly proportionate to your vehicle’s safety. Though tires are meant to be running they are also made in a way that wears off in due course of time and usage. So, before the wearing takes serious toll on the health of your car tires, make sure to replace them. If you are wondering how to know, when to replace them, then here are few warning signs that your car tires will show up, when you should take the next step and buy a new pair of tires.

Tire Treading Sign

The first sign that your car needs a tire replacement is when the tread of the existing ones reaches 1/16 of an inch or even lesser. The depth of a tire tread can be measured at any auto shop service at a cheap rate. For us it was the Palmdale tire rotation service center where we pay regular visits.

Visible Indications of Wear

These days the manufacturers are making tires with built-in tread wear indicator bars to make it easier for the car owners to know the tread wear condition of the tires. When the tires are new, the bars stay almost invisible, but as the tires start wearing off with daily use, those flat rubber bars will start showing up running just opposite to the direction of its tread. When the tread worn out beyond the acceptable level, one or two of these bars can be clearly seen on the tires.

Sidewalls Cracking Up

A mechanic we know who serves at the shop that does tire rotation near Palmdale says, if the sidewalls of the tires show damage, it can start leaking leading to failure. By inspecting the tire sidewalls time to time, can prevent the car from sudden breakdown or a flat tire. To make sure the sidewalls are in good shape, check for any crack, cuts or unevenness on them. If there’s any sign of damage, replace the tires immediately to avoid the risk of any life-endangering accident.

Vibrations in Steering Wheel

If you feel any vibration in the steering wheel while driving, the indication can be of worn out tires, other than the regular mechanical damages. If your car is pulling at a side refuting the steering inputs, the culprit can be the tires that have been worn out beyond the acceptable limit. In such cases, execute the above mentioned steps and get a new pair of tires before you take out your car for a drive.