The best menswear for festive parties

When the festive season approaches it means there are likely to be a host of festive parties to attend, from formal work occasions to more casual family affairs. The level of formality may change what you want to wear, but here is some guidance to cover every kind of festive party.


If the event is specified as black tie, what you wear is going to be limited by the formal dress code. You will need the full tuxedo with little room for variation. That means the white dress shirt, the cummerbund or waistcoat, the dark jacket and trousers, the formal shoes and of course the bowtie.


If you are not in full black tie mode but still want to be smart, the traditional suit is always an option. It does not have to be excessively formal and it could be in grey or blue rather than stuffier black. You could also make it a little more Christmassy with a festive tie, but the one thing to avoid is wearing the same suit that you wear to work every day. This is a special occasion and you need to look the part.


Jeans can work for a more casual party, as long as you go for darker colours such as indigo. They will give you a smarter look than stonewash jeans would, as well as making a better accompaniment to whatever combination of shirt and jacket that you choose.

If you want to bring the old-school glamour like a film star of old, you could do worse than a velvet jacket. Turn it into a velvet bomber jacket if you want to modernise it slightly and make yourself look more daring. Either way, a plain white shirt always makes a good accompaniment, or you could try a finely knitted roll neck. Untucked completes the smart and casual look. If you want to add some colour, Farah shirts such as at come in a range of different shades and patterns.

Once you have chosen your outfit, you will be well prepared for any kind of festive party. All you need to do is ensure that your demeanour and behaviour match your look, as well as the atmosphere of the event. That is always a lot easier when you have dressed appropriately for the occasion.