The Best Way To Fix Car Paint Scratches

You return to your car after getting groceries at the store when you see a noticeable scratch on your door. It could have been someone slamming their car door onto yours, or it could have been some kids pulling a nasty prank. You likely already have so many questions about your car, such as “What oil filter do I need?” You do not need to ask yourself, “How do I fix a scratch?” Fortunately, there is a simple method that will help with most scratches.

Wash Your Car

The first thing you want to do is wash your car fully so that there is no debris or dirt in the actual scratch. You want to make sure the surface is completely clean before you apply anything else. If you clean it further without washing, then you will only exacerbate the scratch.

Get a Scratch-Removal Product

You should already know where to buy windshield wipers and other essential auto supplies. This same store should have a scratch-removal kit you can use for your repair job. You can always ask a sales associate for assistance picking out the right one for your job. You will also need to get a microfiber towel and a mechanical buffing tool.

Apply the Product to a Pad and Distribute

Once you are back in your driveway, you will want to apply the scratch-removal liquid to a soft pad. You may need to use a little more than recommended if you are dealing with a rather large scratch. Squirt the substance onto the cloth and then fold it in half to work into the car’s exterior. You want to make sure the liquid is evenly distributed on the pad before application.

Work the Product Onto the Scratch

Using a circular motion, you should apply the product onto the scratch and the nearby areas. You can use whatever direction you like best, but you should not change directions halfway through. You want to ensure the substance goes into the scratch adequately. You should apply medium-pressure to the cloth as you work.

Wipe Away the Residue

After you have thoroughly worked the product into the scratch, you will need to wipe away any residue remaining. You do not want to allow the liquid to dry onto the surface of your vehicle. You can check the instructions on the kit to see what the best way is to remove the product.

Repeat as Necessary

You may need to repeat the previous steps two or three times to see the results you want. You will first want to check to see if the scratches are still visible and take it from there. You should not do it more than three times because any more than that and you risk damaging the coat on your car. If the scratch is still there, then you may need to have a professional repair it.

You deserve the best car jump starter, motor oil and scratch-repair kits available. You can find all this and more at your local auto parts store, so start shopping today.