The best webcomic 2019

Wave webtoon manhwa. Not only the challenger of Japanese Manga, Chinese Manhhua. Manhwa Webtoon also expanded with tremendous speed. And this time as movie productions, film producers often search for new sources of script through webtoon, and quickly sign contracts with the author even before the webtoon manhwa has not been posted online. When seeing manhwa webtoon posted continuously online, readers often expect it will also be available on other platforms soon. For example, after seeing Yon Sian’s famous My stepmom posted continuously from June 29, 2018 to August 14, 2019 on the Manytoon Portal, is the best webtoon manhwa website for readers. The fans of webtoon webcomics manhwa can read free webtoon manhwa hentai on manytoon there are hundreds of extremely high quality webcomics. With My stepmom, readers start to guess that it will soon be adapted into a movie sooner or later. Some readers are even excited about making a roster list and sharing it through the comment section at the end of each webtoon.

Some prominent Manhwa Webtoon Hentai:

Close as Neighbors

My Aunt

My Stepmom

Secret Friend

The White Room

Project Utopia

My Friend’s Dad

The Unwanted Roommate

Secret Neighbors

Springtime for Blossom

A Nonsense Relationship

Body Trap

Anything for You

Kim Teho’s Body Trap – one of the most popular manhwa webtoon in the US – is a typical example for composing and releasing multimedia, cross-platform, multi-genre.

Released periodically on the Manytoon Portal from January 2018 to July 2019, Body Trap describes the hard life of young Yun. He is a professional Go player, but due to his young age, he ended up working as a seasonal worker for a general trading company. Webtoon manhwa shows his efforts to get to know people, his life, and society; Penetrating into the world of wage earners, corruption, fighting for power in the company. Many people who work for Korean companies agree with manhwa webtoon content. Besides, webtoon manhwa hentai also receives special attention from middle-aged readers, even teen readers. During and after its online posting, the webtoon manhwa hentai added a prequel and prequel, which was adapted into a TV drama and webtoon special episode. Because webtoon manhwa is intended for all types of readers, not only children, the products such as stationery, soft drinks, paper cups, socks, socks … also achieved unpredictable success.

Multimedia storytelling, cross-platform, multi-genres are the factors that help turn Body Trap into a hot trend online. A few months before the last episode of Body Trap was posted online, Toonhub, the host of the Manytoon Information Channel, adapted the webtoon Body Trap into a short film Body Trap The Secret. In May 2019, the prequel was released via a mobile application, while webtoon manhwa was still posted regularly online. The prequel film revolves around an untold story about the life of the main character in the webtoon before working as a seasonal worker for a trading company. The prequel film not only enriches the story, but also provides the audience / readers of the missing pieces in the Body Trap webtoon.

Shortly after posting the entire webtoon online, from July 23 to August 13, 2019, Kim Teho made four more epilogue episodes. One of the four behind-the-scenes episodes revealing behind-the-scenes webtoon writing, from researching real places to set the context for the story to interviewing people in the comics industry. However, the remaining three episodes are about Yun’s trip to Egypt – the place that appears in the early episodes of the webtoon, and is set as the main backdrop in Body Trap 2 that Yun promised to debut in. next time. Body Trap 2 is currently being released periodically. Unlike American superhero comics, most Korean comics don’t have a sequel. While major studios like Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics … have a long history and produce hundreds of superhero characters that dominate the global comic industry, when they go to portal to help global readers read free comic online with tens of thousands of superhero comics heads from Superman Comics, Batman Comics, Spiderman Comics, Hellboy Comics, Ironman Comics, Thor Comics, etc.etc webtoon manhwa still has to charge to survive. You can only read Free Manhwa Webtoon online on portal with more than 200 great stories.

The number of Manhwa Webtoon has only reached 5000 comics and among webtoon comics has the appearance of graphic novels, usually from 2 to 10 episodes with each volume about 200 – 300 pages, and no. out to the next section. Therefore, Body Trap II is considered an “unprecedented” case in Korean comic culture. The sequel not only connects the real world with the fictional world, but also contributes to expanding the fictional world in Body Trap Ii.

In 2018, a year after the webtoon was posted online, Body Trap TV drama version of the drama was broadcasted on television and continued to warm up the trend of Webtoon Manhwa Hentai despite the TV drama written by others, but the storyline and the lines remain true to the webtoon version, except for the last episode. The TV drama serves as a preview of the webtoon Body Trap II.

My Stepmom is proof that webtoon manhwa has become a new type of comic book nowadays, but the most important thing is that we can remake webtoon to suit many different media and platforms.