The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Selecting & Styling Your Favorite Graphic Zip Up Hoodies

Long before hoodies for men were counted as staple wear, they were first considered as uniforms for the dodgy darkened alleys where the crime took place. Later, hoodies began to be used as sports apparel by many companies that claim to have created the first hooded sweatshirt back in the 1930s.

Earlier, this sportswear staple had the potential to send all passers-by running to the other side of the street; however, today, a graphic zip up Hoodie is considered one of the best streetwear items that anyone can own. 

Today the Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg normally adorns himself in hoodies for men.

As hoodies for men were primarily designed to keep all athletes warm and dry during harsh weather conditions, they became more popular with skaters, snowboarders, even angry young men, the hip-hop culture, and university students.

The Return of the Hoodie.

Come runway season is many new outlets delight in creating ridiculously outrageous looks; essentially, most menswear items were born out of necessity and practicality. This is also the reason that hoodies were created for maximum comfort.

The rapid way that who does have become a hit in the athlete is your world; it just goes to show that comfort comes before style. However, if you’re looking for a way to amalgamate both comfort and style into one, the best way to do it is by getting graphic zip up hoodies for men.

A few tips to help you choose the right Hoodie for yourself: 

1. Select the type of Hoodie

There are primarily two types of hoodies – the zip-up kind and the pullover one. Zip up Hoodie these are the perfect kind of hoodies for chilly winter weather, especially if you need to layer yourself up. You could easily wear a simple T-shirt or a long-sleeve T-shirt underneath your zip-up Hoodie and then layer on top of the Hoodie with extra material. Graphic zip up hoodies make a great style statement. On the other hand, pullover hoodies are ideal for those who don’t really like layering their clothes and don’t prefer zippers.

2. The material of the Hoodie

Hoodies are generally made using the same material as sweatshirts. You could usually find them in the materials lease or a cotton blend, which keeps the body warm and extremely comfortable to wear.

3. The elastic band and strings are used

Most hoodies have a string that comes out of their hoodies, especially perfect for breezy days. By pulling on the string, you could tighten the mouth of the Hoodie and keep your ears and head covered. Some modern-day hoodies also have elastic bands on the wrist and waist, which could keep the Hoodie tightened towards the body, ensuring warmth.

4. The Hoodie design

As hoodies have become a trendy winter wear clothing today, they have started coming in a variety of plain solid colors as well as graphic prints. Some companies even have a great graphic designer that works alongside designers to create oh wholesome-looking manly hoodie designs. If you don’t want to have to worry about styling your hoodies the right way, go for plain hoodies that you could team up with just about any bottom wear and wear for many occasions.

5. Your body type

The kind of hoodies you opt for depends not only on your personality but also on your body type. However, the current trend is to go with oversized hoodies that look larger on the person wearing. However, hoodies are not ideal for shorter body types as they will look tiny wearing them. Muscular men, on the other hand, should try a slim fit hoodie.

How to style a Hoodie?

  • As part of a layered look
  • As part of an athleisure ensemble
  • Paid with a leather jacket
  • Paired with tailored suits

By following these guidelines, you can easily pair your graphic zip-up hoodies with the right kind of styling material.