The World Is Smaller Than It’s Ever Been This Raksha Bandhan

There was once a time when people had no option but to go through the long and tedious process of searching, buying and couriering Rakhi’s and other rakhi gifts to foreign countries. Not only was this process time consuming, it was also quite expensive in retrospect. The high cost mainly came into being due to the fact that there was no scope for economies of scale. Mainly because not a lot of people lived abroad and not a lot of people could even afford international couriers in the first place. Even if they could, they were too afraid to tie up that much money in a single courier for a single festival.

As time went on, more and more people found themselves relocating to countries like America, Canada and the United Kingdom. This made things even more problematic as the number of people abroad increased, but the income of the generally population didn’t really change all that much. This meant, once again, people could hardly afford to send gifts abroad and if they could, it was quite an expense to incur. Luckily, with the 21st Century in full swing, the online e-commerce market chimed in to help make the world a smaller place to live in.

As a result, one can now send Rakhi’s online to USA, Canada and other countries all over the world without breaking a sweat. Not only that, because these Rakhi’s are being sold and delivered by big companies, economies of scale comes into play. As the cost gets divided amongst a larger population, it becomes more and more affordable to send gifts abroad for an individual.

Gone are the days where your brother would have to sit out the celebrations or wait a further 2 weeks for his Rakhi to come. Whether he’s in another city or abroad, he can feel right at home and part of the celebrations with the introduction of online Rakhi deliveries to USA and other countries.

The best part is, because of the large-scale operations, it’s not just Rakhi’s you can send online to USA, Canada and other countries. You can send Rakhi gift hampers, thali’s and more at the same cost and with the same amount of effort. This is not only good for sister’s looking to send Rakhi accessories to their brothers, but it’s also beneficial for brother’s looking to return the favour with a thank you gift.

You’re spoiled for choice too! It’s not just one brand that’s offering this service. Lots and lots of e-commerce stores are getting in on the action. Whether it’s their primary product or not. After all, everyone knows the importance of Raksha Bandhan in India and they also know the number of people from India, who’ve settled abroad.

As a result of vast competition within the “send Rakhi online to USA, Canada etc” space. You have access to all kinds of offers on all kinds of products. Whether you want high-end designer Rakhi’s or simple to the point Rakhi’s, it’s all just a click away now.