Three Smart Ways of Wearing a Fashionable Scarf!!!

Winter Season brings many things with the cold weather, the change in weather leads to sickness and cold. In order to avoid the effect of change in weather on our body, we must get prepared in advance. These days, some winter closet items not only protect us from winters but also keep us stylish and fashionable. The right selection of winter clothing can change the whole dressing sense and makes you an idol of fashion among your friends or college mates. If you go to a night party in the hard time of winter, wearing a wool scarf on a warm trench coat seems very stylish.

Scarf seems to be a women thing and it is, as there are a number of beautiful ways to wear a scarf to look gorgeous. Wearing a scarf is an identity of mature women. As we have discussed earlier, scarves India can be styled in many ways which can enhance the beauty of a women in different dresses. So, let’s get into it.

Three Quick Ways to Tie a Long Scarf

Long is in when it comes to scarves. Here are three quick and simple ways to tie a long scarf. More than a fashion accessory, the scarf makes it possible to assert one’s style on a daily basis by putting a touch of chic heat on all our styles. However, many are content to throw it carelessly around the neck, while there are a thousand and one ways to tie it to combine comfort and fashion statement. Stop breaking your head and discover how to wear a scarf with our advice: you will never be missed, it’s promised!

The Waterfall: To prepare a long scarf for tying, women can fold the scarf in half in two equal parts and then along the bias to create a triangle. They can then begin loosely rolling the long side of the triangle toward the point.

The European Knot: This style is very suitable for hard winter season. Wearing a scarf in this style is easy to be worn. It has a little French touch in its looks and is perfect if you love to wear clothing smartly. You either wear a scarf in The European Knot on a blazer or single breasted jacket. Match the color of the scarf with the blazer and go out for the night party.

The Scarf Wrap: This style is ideal for the casual clothing. You can wear both summer scarves and woolen scarves in this style. In this style, you just have to wrap the scarf in only one loop around your neck very loosely that your throat would be visible easily. In summer, you can wear a silk scarf with a floppy hat on your regular wear to make the regular dress more interesting.

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