Tips For Cracking 7th Class Maths Exam

Student’s life is full of problems. Performing well in exams is the only thought students have throughout the year. A student has to go through eight hours of classes at school and at the same time perform well during exam time. Subjects in the 21st century have become so complex that students are not able to keep up with the level of difficulty and require external help from parents and even coaching institutions. Moreover, building interest in a particular subject can also become a problem for students.

Students may feel depressed during exam time. They have to cover a wide syllabus in a short span of time. However, sometimes their preparation goes vain due to the type of questions put by the exam setter in the question paper. The questions can be out of the syllabus or can be so difficult that students are not able to solve them. This type of problem is common in the CBSE class 7 maths question paper.

Class 7th is termed to be a crucial year in a student’s academic life. Maths is one of the most important subjects and can be intimidating for some students. The problem it poses can make students dislike the subject.

 In order to crack a maths question paper one must follow certain rules:

  1. Practice regularly:

Maths requires the daily practice of basic and advanced questions. A student must go through important formulas and the steps of solving a question in order to solve a maths problem in an exam. Regular practice is the key to solve even the most difficult questions.

  1. Complete attention in the classroom:

Students must completely attentive in the classroom in order to grasp the concept behind solving a complex problem. Students must clarify their doubts with their teachers in order to attain a better grasp of the subject.

  1. Building up basics:

Students must focus on NCERT books and study material in order to have a basic understanding of the type of questions put in the question paper. Building up basics can help the students solve even the most advanced questions but after thorough practice.

  1. Online courses and videos:

Students can also go for online videos which can be used by students to under the concepts at their own pace. They can even take the benefit of online available study material, previous year question papers and mock tests which prepares the students for the final exam in an effective way.

A student must go through all the chapters thoroughly and practice each and every maths problem in order to get in-depth knowledge about the type of questions asked in the question papers. CBSE makes sure all the questions in the paper are within the syllabus. Some important chapters which carry higher weight age in the maths question paper for class 7 are as follows:



Rational number

Perimeter and area

Fractions and decimals

A Student must be very thorough with NCERT material but must give more importance to these chapters in order to have an edge over other students in the final exams. Students must take the advantage of e-learning apps and courses. These can be of great help during exam time as the students can quickly revise their entire syllabus using worksheets, solutions and tutorials available at an affordable price.