Tips for Growing Your Ecommerce Brand

With so many ecommerce companies competing for buyer’s attention, it’s important you do everything you can to set your brand up for success. In this article we’ll try to give you a small bump ahead with some tips and strategies to focus on to grow your e-commerce brand.

Drive (more) organic traffic

Driving traffic through paid advertising can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. When launching your brand, a paid strategy will yield weak results if not paired with a strong organic strategy.

The best way to drive organic traffic is through valuable content creation. Create engaging stories and information that incentivizes readers to visit your website. Their time is valuable, so the content they read needs to be purposeful.

Here are a couple of ways you can start creating engaging content for your e-commerce brand:

  1. Develop a content strategy based on blogging (regularly).

Producing great content takes time and requires effort, dedication and consistency. However, this is a long-term strategy that will only benefit you and your company in the long term because if you’re content is ‘evergreen’, meaning it will not lose it’s merit over time, it can keep on converting readers into customers over time.

  1. Get featured in relevant (local) media outlets

Getting interviewed should not be your primary focus as it is difficult to control the outcome of contacting a lot of media agencies. However, the more people talk about you the better. Look for local media advocates who can promote your brand locally, and you will likely see a spike in traffic from new audiences.

  1. Work with (local) influencers

Forget the influencers on Instagram that are out of your budget – reach out to local business and bloggers that can give you more exposure. Those who are in smaller stages are more interested in boosting early brands and can be great long-term partners to you brand.

  1. Create newsletters and keep customers informed

Newsletter campaigns still have one of the highest conversion rates within the broad spectrum of digital marketing. It seems old-fashioned, but it still works, with industry rates varying between 4 tot 14 percent. When you have a visitor opt-in to your email list, they want to hear from you. So naturally, you are going to likely see a better response from them then those you are cold emailing.  A newsletter is a great way to bundle all of the content you have produced each month, or at the latest… every quarter.


The success of your freshly launched brand will require a dedicated effort over a long period of time. By focusing on producing great content you will have a better chance of getting the attention from audiences you want to reach, and help customers flow through your marketing funnel faster.

Data ultimately should be guiding this strategy. The keywords that are being used the most by audiences you want to reach are the ones you want to include in your strategy to help get you found.

Data insights will answer questions around how to get your first customers, how to improve ecommerce conversion rate, how to improve ecommerce sales, and more. Tools like CLEVR AI will help you analyze your brand performance so you know what’s working for your website and social media platforms, and how to improve them so they’re more effective.