9 Handy Tips To Pack Your Items Before A Remodel

Undertaking a home remodeling project is a great idea to enhance the value of your home. However, the project is likely to generate dust with the potential to end up on your items. Before a major remodel, the rule of thumb is to pack your household items to keep them safe. This requires booking a storage unit with ample space to fit all your items. The following handy tips are to help you understand the best way to pack your belongings before a remodel.

  1. Eliminate clutter

The first thing to do when packing before a remodel project is to downsize to eliminate clutter. Give yourself enough time to pack to allow ample to downsize. Use this moment to get rid of all the things you no longer use or won’t match your décor after the remodel. This is very important since having less stuff to pack makes the process easier and cheaper. For a bathroom or bedroom remodel, declutter unwanted clothes and toiletries to save on storage space.

   2. Choose storage

For a whole house remodel, you have to take all your stuff out of the house. This requires finding a storage facility where to pick your items after the remodel. Due diligence is essential since storage facilities don’t offer the same services. The ideal facilities should have ample storage space, security, solid reputation, and solid policies to protect your belongings. For items that need special attention to choose a climate-controlled facility for keeping items like wooden furniture and mattresses in good condition.

3. Use bubble wrap

After looking for Phoenix remodeling contractors, keeping your fragile items safe is very important. This requires investing in bubble wrap for protecting items such as vases, dishes, and lamps safe. Use enough bubble wrap around all fragile items for protection. To lower packing costs, you can wrap less fragile items in blankets, pillows, and sheets.

4. Pack right

In a bid to protect your items before a remodel, items such as toxic chemicals food, and liquids are not so easy to store safely and properly. When booking a storage facility, list all prohibited items before packing. During a kitchen remodel, avoid shopping more food before the project. This allows using the food available to ensure that it is finished before the remodel.

You have to think about how to live and function throughout the remodel. Set aside items you regularly use such as cooking utensils. This saves on storage space and cost while ensuring smooth preparation of meals. During a kitchen remodel, you can use a temporary kitchen away from the drywall dust for preparing light meals.

5. Disassemble furniture

Before taking items to the storage unit, disassemble your furniture such as beds, tables, and wardrobes where possible. Disassembling your furniture makes it so easy to move and store. Ensure to keep all screws and nuts safe in a bag and keep it near the furniture pieces. This will make it so easy to retrieve the appropriate pieces necessary to re-assemble the furniture. When not sure of how to go about the process, consider hiring a professional to disassemble the furniture to avoid breakage.

6. Label all boxes

After placing items in various boxes, ensure to label every box immediately after packing. Apart from labeling boxes by their contents, you can mark boxes with fragile items. Label the boxes on all sides to make it so easy for the movers to handle the boxes with great care. Perhaps you are packing items for various rooms, use stickers with a different color for boxes that belong to the same room. This limits the hassle of having to write names on the boxes going to the same room.

7. Create an inventory

Regardless of how much items you are taking to the storage unit, you need an inventory of all your items. You can make a list of items kept in the storage unit and one for those still in the house. Having an inventory allows keeping track of all your items to avoid losing some. Additionally, creating inventory makes it so easy when retrieving a particular item.

8. Safeguard valuables

Always keep your valuables in a safe place during a home remodel. When keeping them in the house, invest in a portable safe. Keeping your valuables locked up limits confusion. It also eliminates worry about the safety of your valuables throughout the remodel. Afterward, it will be so easy to retrieve all your items.

9. Wrapping up

Home remodeling projects enhance home value and create additional space. Apart from having an appropriate budget for the project, you have to team up with a reputable and experienced remodeling company. Before the remodel begins, you have to pack your items to give space to the remodeling team. Understanding the above ideas before taking your items to a storage unit will save space, money, and effort.