Toothpaste – The Driving Factor of Oral Care

We, humans, are the only animal species that can clean their body without the need of using their tongues for that purpose. Although, in the case of our mouth, it’s a completely different story. We constantly use our tongue as a poking tool left & right to remove the food particles stuck in between our teeth and if that fails, we use our fingers too.

Jokes apart, regular brushing and flossing help to keep our mouth clean. But, what is the most important thing that helps us maintain good oral hygiene? If you guessed it right, yes it’s the “toothpaste”.

Toothpaste is an antibacterial cleaner that helps remove plaque and food particles, suppress bad breath and deliver the necessary ingredients to prevent oral problems like tooth decay and gingivitis. They come in many forms such as powder, paste and gel.

My experience in finding the perfect toothpaste was a roller coaster ride. I had crown implants on my teeth and due to it, I had tooth sensitivity. The dentist said that the crown may give a little inconvenience for a few months and I need to be extra careful with my eating habits. He suggested an antimicrobial toothpaste with the added benefit of anti-sensitivity. It had a sugary taste and after using it the food tasted very odd. Still, I felt that it wasn’t working for me. I was looking for the perfect toothpaste that could give me the required benefits and allowed me to taste the food the way it was.

I found dozens of options to choose from but it wasn’t practical enough for me to try each one of them and see which was better. I googled about different dental problems and their solutions and also which toothpaste could be used. I found that with slightly different ingredients, most kinds of toothpaste contain the same general components in their making. They contain an abrasive agent, humectants, flavouring agents, thickening agents & detergents. Apart from these, other compounds can also be added for further gains. Some added merits include antimicrobial, tartar control, anti-sensitivity and whitening. Although they are added for giving extra protection to our teeth, many of them could do more harm than good.

I also found that ‘fluoride’, one of the active components used in toothpaste to clean the accumulated plaque, however, if swallowed in large amounts, could prove toxic, especially in children. Other ingredients like teeth whitening agents if used excessively could reduce the strength of our teeth as they slowly corrode the outer enamel protection layers. Triclosan reduces the growth of bacteria but can combine with chlorine in tap water and form chloroform which is a known cancer-causing agent. All these things made me more worried more than ever.

So, was there a way I could use toothpaste without flooding my body with harmful chemicals? Yes, I could. I looked for a toothpaste made with only natural ingredients. There are a number of options to choose from, but if you ask me, I’ll go for the tried and tested Oracura Biomed Toothpastes. They are made with active natural ingredients free from fluoride and other abrasive and whitening agents. Due to the absence of synthetic flavoring elements, they don’t have any taste but, I got used to that. They give a good cleaning effect with the freshness that lasts for hours. The use of active natural ingredients in the Biomed Toothpaste really made a positive difference. I can see slow but gradual changes with some patience.

Keep in mind, the best toothpaste for you is the one that you enjoy brushing with every day. Also, not taking any toxic chemicals into your body will definitely make your kidneys happy 🙂