Top 10 Budget Honeymoon Destinations and Virikson Morocco

  • Morocco:

Barber & Arabic cultural blend, most amazing sites and lovely markets, Morocco is one of the most attractive countries where it’s hard to beat for bargain romance. It’s ancient and charming cities including Fez, Marrakesh, and Tangier offer cheap cafes, low prices on ancient items in the chockful markets and time-wrap ancient Medinas. In the antique souks of Marrakesh and Fez, it’s easy to get lost while doing abundant shopping in the narrow streets.Traditional courtyard houses with the modern accommodations, also oodles of Environment, some are expensive but most of them are wonderfully cheap or reasonable. In Morocco holidays, it’s a perfect honeymoon destination for many couples who wished to keep their budget in low aside, suggested that they can travel with Virikson Morocco Holidays.


  • Vietnam:

To buy more characterful guesthouse and best cruise booking to Vietnam, either won’t break the bank or will not empty the pocket in Vietnam. In only US $10, delicious food like royalties in this honeymoon destination. Don’t ever forget to try the city’s most amazing dishes like beef pho, chow a bánhmì (baguette) and bun cha (barbecued pork with rice noodles) as you stroll. It will be a great honeymoon trip whether residing in the advanced cities or in a small village for enjoyment.


  • Portugal:

A very liberating with lowest & highest price mixture either can cost you less than the US $1 but normally not more than the US $2. One of the lush destination with posh cafes where you can also find many farmhouses in the range of US $100 or less. Portugal is one of the most recuperated places for enjoying a honeymoon in such a lowest price.

  • Indonesia:

Oh my God, Such an awesome cheap place, only US $25 for a room, it’s very easy to do business here. Thousands of people come to this place for their honeymoons because of its culture, places and from above all, the cheapest prices on everything. With many islands, you can select where you want to enjoy your nights of life with your partner. Consider Lombok and the Gili Islands, ethos and volcanoes on Java and jungle exploits on Sumatra.It’s easy to be a billionaire here so even budget ’mooners can have enough money to enjoy the plenty of fun.

  • Honduras:

For the great people and lovers of Central America who got married recently, Honduras is a perfect dream vacation for them on the lowest budget.  With the white sands of Utila to scuba or just enjoy the relaxation of the Caribbean for less; a number of nearby islands are amazingly diverse and most romantic escapes. Sights are panoramic where adventures in the islands and Pico Bonito National Park are wonderfully worth visiting. CayosCochinos and Copán are the most amazing places of this destination for honeymoon.

  • Cambodia:

A very happy marriage and budget-friendly destination where even entry cost is the US $72 and incredibly non-expensive compared with everything else in the country. The cost for one week stay is wonderfully cheap while you can explore the amazing sites of Cambodia. A number of sites here in Cambodia are enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site. So, it can be a plus point for many adventure lovers to enjoy these sites.

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