Top 5 Facts About E-Commerce

A very wise woman once has said: “pick every pebble, cross all stones and stand like a giant rock”. It is the statement which is can be used for the ones who are living in a vague state of mind. The stage of ambiguity among individuals has crossed the waterline and they are eager to stand on the shore of becoming as a unique identity. To learn, to experience and then achieving the desired goal can give a young man or woman a rebellious personality. The ones who have passed their time in thinking what to do or cursing the level of unfair destiny, then you must find your way to make an unhappy fate a valuable one. Most of the time, this bewilder thing happens with the ones who want to start their journey but looking for some motivation to bank upon their decision. At the same time, there are people who have everything but do not have proper knowledge and working with a vain attitude. Lastly, talking about the individuals who do not have a steady source of income are looking for some encouragement in terms of getting better financial aid.

To make the path easy and workable for the ones who are struggling with limited finances can use online assistance. It is loans for unemployed which can bring peace to the souls of vibrated minds so that they can spread their arms to gather all the essentials which can help to explore the career option of their choice.


These days when you talk about exploring things in whichever aspect you want, the first and immediate step of yours is to browse on Google. It is the platform, which offers wide and each variety of information with respect to what you search for. On that note, the concern for each one of you is to look for a better and different career options, and in that case, there is no better way than using the online source itself. The best thing about having an online space is that you can make a choice to market the product via E-COMMERCE BUSINESS. It can also be used for marketing purposes, initiating for websites or to gain popularity among various other brands and officials. This trending kit can give ample space to explore a pearl from the ocean. Therefore, you just have to make sure that your planned journey of setting up a secured future should start from online juggle or not.


If you are the one sitting in front of your computer and searching which is the best way you could start your journey. It is the time that you must gather to learn some facts before setting up a peninsula surrounding an ocean. When the curtains have risen about the journey of having a business for e-commerce, it is important to grow with basics. If you have your basics correct from every corner, handling the pressure of online service can become a little easy. It is because you have to be smart enough to beat the competitors providing the same products from your service. Yes! That is e-commerce is all about. If you want to succeed in the business race then you must get yourself familiar with the information, which is known to fewer people.



  • It actually started in 1979 by Michel Aldrich who wired domestic television with a phone line to create online shopping back which performed successfully in 1980 and 90s before the internet took its charge.
  • Talking about the most top sited online sources in terms of generating e-commerce is the name of Amazon. It started the launch first in 1995 but it actually took off in the year 2003. (Imagine the snooze period of 8year, being patient is the key to succeed).
  • Keeping an eye equivalently on transactions via online mode. In 2012 the ratio of 4 433 dollar transactions marked through PayPal per second.
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  • 46% of online users consider social media to mark for any purchase from online. And, the other remaining percent depends on the facebook of what they should buy.
  • 54% of the users use their smart phones to reach out to online products. It is important to keep in mind that your services must provide each facility which is applicable on the mobile phone as well. Otherwise, it can reduce the majority of individuals from the margin of profits.


  • Major online shopper’s starts from the age of 31 to 44 and 55 to 65. These are the approx age group counted because it is the population which spends time and use 68% of online products. It is an advice that makes your products hit the major targets and the remaining ones too because you never know who downloads your app and makes you earn.
  • Hit the bull’s eye, by knowing the demand of the customers of what product you are likely to sell. It is to be believed that more than 71 % of the people believe that the variety available online is much favourable rather purchasing from the store.
  • Your benchmark competition is Amazon and second is eBay. The victory is revolving around these two. If you were capable enough to reach their mark then also no one can stop you to hit the gong.


  • Counting the numbers towards increment in people for buying the products online are 1.92 billion. It is known to be half of the population which can enhance the future for the beginners who will try their luck in standing the business of e-commerce.
  • The expected ratio of increase in numbers is looking for better management in terms of getting the online services smoothly. This can be your chance to win online battle.
  • It is for the ones who are retailers if they come up with a solid plan or strategy to bring the reputation of the e-commerce back. It is the right time to make a smart move.


  • In today’s time, when we talk about business standing on the base of online roots it is mandatory to present its advancement. For example, welcoming the new technology called video content.
  • With the frame of providing things from the screens of phones and laptops, video selling is helping to maintain the authenticity of the products.
  • With its new progress, this is known to be an easy way to access because the best part is every smart phone is carrying the feature of a highly pixel camera. The ones who are lacking behind to put a video can make an effort with the help of the smart phones.

A final take

The ones who are sitting for some miracle to happen must know the importance of time. It can make your career if you are determined. If you are planning towards a secured future by a launch in the online domain then you must get familiar with the above-mentioned facts. Therefore, everything is served in terms of getting easy financial assistance and basics to get started with your prior concern.

All the best!