Top 5 Steak Places In Toledo

Steak has become a very popular dish now all over the world. They can be both grilled and pan fried and they are mostly cooked on charcoals or at open fires.

Here are some great steak places to try out in Ohio.

Mancy’s Steakhouse

Mancy has been doing business for a long time now. The steakhouse is run by the cousins Mike and Gus and here also they vouch to serve some authentic Mancy’s tradition. The best part is, all the Mancy’s steak are hand cut and aged and then they are seared at 1500 degrees. They are paired with baked potatoes and one can add some shrimp cocktail or French onion soup with it. When one is here they must try the crisp onion rings, steakhouse wedges and Mancy’s chop salad. If one stays in the Toledo area then they can also go for their catering services. So, whenever one is in Toledo, they must try Mancy’s steak house.

Ahmed’s Steakhouse

This is a family owned steakhouse and they always offer great food and better service. They began their journey in the year 1998 and since then it has remained the center of attraction whenever it comes to steakhouses there. They are herein the Toledo area for more than 50 years now and one must try their fried chicken strips, spicy cheese curds, Greek salads and chargrilled steaks. For kids there are special kid’s burgers available as well.

Rockwell’s Steakhouse and Lounge

This is an upscale steakhouse located in Toledo and they use prime aged meats as part of steaks along with some fresh seafood. They not only take care of their best quality cuisine but also go for supreme services and the interior of this restaurant has an impressive setting. It remains open from 5 to 10 PM in the evening for 6 days and on Sundays it remains closed. When here one can try crab cakes, Moroccan olives and Tuna Napoleon.

Final Cut Steakhouse

This is said to be a 4th star steakhouse in Toledo and they provide hand-picked and selected beef along with some fresh seafood like lobster and wild salmon. One can also try their vegan and gluten free menu options as well. When one is here, they must try their oyster dishes. Along with that, pork belly and summer beef are also very popular here. Never forget to add some Hollywood steak sauce to the steak dish one is having.

Outback Steakhouse

This is located in Monroe Street and it remains open from 11 AM to 11 PM. When here, one can try the Aussie fish tacos, crispy chicken sandwich and chicken Philly. Apart from that there are signature steak dishes like center cut sirloin, Victoria’s fillet and rib eye.

But if one wants to go for a great steak experience and that too in Ohio then Mancy’s steakhouse in Toledo Ohio can be a wonderful place to choose. Apart from these the above mentioned options are also really great where one can have a great dining and family time.