Top 6 Actually Cool Places You Can Visit In LA By Car

Los Angeles is a popular destination for your adult vacation. There are so many really cool things you can do in the company of your friends. Be ready! You should plan your trip to the last detail to avoid overpaying. Thus, if you are planning to take a drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula to enjoy the most beautiful scenic views around, you have to rent a car at LAX airport under 25. Don’t worry about the young driver’s fee. This is a minimum sum you should pay if you are under 25 and going to rent a car. How else do you expect to get around the city?

Of course, your trip must be brilliant and well-planned. The bad news is that COVID-19 has made its own allowances. There are many public places you should avoid. Everything this fine city has to offer is connected with crowds of people, noisy restaurants, and amusement parks. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of interesting things you can safely do with the company of your friends.

Popular & Safe Adult Attractions in LA

  1. Visit Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden

LA Zoo is a large territory where you can watch different animals and minimize contact with other people. Don’t forget to visit the Botanical gardens for a romantic weekend. Besides, you can arrange a picnic with friends, visit the famed Griffith Observatory, rent a bike, or just leave your car at the parking spot and walk around. To get there you can rent a car at the airport or find a car rental spot not far from your hotel.

  1. Try indoor rock climbing

For your information, LA can boast its sports activities you can try altogether with your friends. How about a new workout class? It’s fun! But if you are tired of yoga, pilates, and dance classes, you can try indoor rock climbing. First of all, it’s safe and doesn’t need any climbing experience. Secondly, you can take a break between climbs and visit a local cafe, share your impressions. By the way, rock climbing becomes popular day by day. This is a kind of full-body workout that surely lifts all boats.

  1. Taste wines

There are many wineries around the city. Rent a car and go to Malibu Wines. Tourist groups come to this place every weekend. They bring snacks for a picnic, rent a car, climb up the mountains to find the best grassy spot for their bright weekend. If you have some time, go and find Wine Room in West Hollywood. They offer wine tasting, delicious bites, and free music.

  1. Have fun in karaoke

Do you like spending time with your friends? LA has many places, where you can gather together, drink something tasty, relax, and sing songs. You heard it right. There is nothing funnier than karaoking. What are the most popular karaoke places in LA? You can go to Cafe Brass Monkey, Max Karaoke Studio. These places are perfect for big companies with free drinks available.

  1. Explore Malibu

If the weather is fine and you have a free day, you should rent a cool car and drive to Malibu. How about taking a ride along the never-ending beaches? You can go to Paradise Cove, find a good place for a beach picnic, go swimming or even diving. Don’t forget to buy enough food and pack all the beach necessities.

  1. Enjoy an outdoor movie

The outdoor movie is a unique activity you can try even without leaving your car. Just use your car GPS and find a good place for an outdoor movie. Check out Street Food Cinema. Of course, visit a shop and buy a picnic basket, some food and drinks, and a blanket.

See, you can find many more interesting activities for a big friendly company without hitting amusement parks and local museums. It’s not a cultural or sport vacation, but your chance to hang out together with your best friends and cool off. As each and every big American city, Los Angeles offers more than popular tourist places, marked down in every tourist guide. Try to rid the mind of doubt and hit the road right now.