Top 6 Leading Hospitals in India for Best Fertility Treatments

Medical tourism in India is a less-expensive option for everyone. When it comes to leading diagnostic facilities, advanced types of machinery and World-class equipment, India is in a fast-paced development. India has some of the leading hospitals in the World. These hospitals with their modern infrastructure and experts on fertility treatment make India a top choice of patients worldwide.

Advanced fertility treatments include IVF, IUI, ICSI, FET, and Surrogacy. Surgeries like Laparoscopy and other treatments like Hysteroscopy or even pregnancy-related problems are few of the vital treatments available here. So if you are looking forward to coming to India for medical treatment, here is a guide about the top six best hospitals for fertility treatments –

  • Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited

The Apollo Group of Hospitals is a private enterprise of a chained hospital section in India. Founded by Dr Pratap C. Reddy, its headquarters is in Chennai since 1983. They are the precursors of Fertility treatment in the country. They offer a wide range of healthcare treatments and is by far one of the top reasons why India is a preferred location for fertility treatments.

  • Fortis Healthcare Limited

The Fortis Group of Hospitals is a public company having a chain of hospitals all across the country and abroad. Founded back in 2001, its headquarters is in Gurgaon. Fortis boasts to have the best specialists in IVF and Fertility treatments. Its experienced group of staffs and doctors make it a top choice in India. With some of the best medical equipment, they are a trustworthy company.

  • Max Healthcare Institute

Max Healthcare in India is a private company chain of hospitals. They are a collaboration between Max India and Life Healthcare. Founded in 2001, their headquarters are at Delhi. They have a stronghold in North India with fourteen hospitals and thirty specialities in the country. Their advanced infrastructure makes them a choice to rely on in life-threatening cases. 

  • Artemis Hospitals

The Artemis Health Institute is a private company of a chain of hospitals excelling in IVF, IUI, Surrogacy and test-tube baby processes. Founded in 2007 by promoters of Apollo Tyres Limited, they have their headquarters in Gurgaon. It is a super-specialty hospital having some state-of-the-art machines in their collection which attracts the trust of many patients from India and worldwide.

  • Aveya Natural IVF and Fertility Centre

Aveya IVF and Fertility Centre is one of the best in India. They have unparalleled success rates in treatments related to infertility problems of both men and women. Facilities like freezing of Egg, preservation of Egg or freezing of Sperms, along with IVF, Surrogacy are all present. With some of the best specialists, they are an obvious choice of many.

  • Bourn Hall Clinic

Bourn Hall Clinic was the brainchild of Nobel Prize winners in the field of medicines, in 1980. Mr Patrick Steptoe along with embryologist Mr Jean Purdy and Professor Robert Edwards were the forefathers of Bourn Hall Clinic. Bourn Hall, in the UK, was the World’s very first IVF centre. Recently, Bourn Hall opened a fertility centre in India.

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