Top 10 Dental Implant Companies in the United States

Many dental implant companies in the United States are looking to increase their share of the growing market. In fact, there are over 35 competitors vying for a position in this $1 billion+ United States market. You can check here Top Dental Implant Companies in the United States.

Navigating through this industry can be challenging, so we have compiled a list of outlining top dental implant companies to help you make better strategic decisions.

Top 10 Dental Implant Companies in the United States

1. Nobel Biocare Nobel Biocare that we know today was founded in 2002 in Switzerland. The company currently manufactures various dental systems, CAD/CAM prosthetics, biomaterials, and other dental surgery solutions. In 2014, Nobel Biocare was acquired by Envista Holdings and became a part of a family of more than 30 dental brands.
2. Straumann The second-largest player in the dental implant market is Straumann. Similar to Nobel Biocare, Straumann is a Swiss company that develops dental implants, biomaterials, and instruments for dental procedures. In addition, the Straumann also provides a wide range of services to dental practitioners around the globe, such as dental lab finder, and its marketing toolbox.
3. Dentsply Sirona The third leading competitor in the US dental implant market is Dentsply Sirona. In contrast to Straumann and Med Biocare, it is a US-based company that offers a comprehensive line of dental implants, materials, surgery instruments, and various restorative solutions. In an overview of the dental industry, Dentsply Sirona ranks among the top competitors in 6 out of 9 dental markets.
4. Zimmer Biomet Zimmer Biomet is the forth strong player in the dental implant market. In 2015, it was born as a result of a merger between two US-based medical device companies, Zimmer Inc. and Biomet Inc. As of 2018, the company’s dental implant market share was approximately 7%. 
5. BioHorizons Similar to Zimmer Biomet, BioHorizons held around 7% of the overall dental implant market in 2018 and shared its spot with another dental implant company, Implant Direct. Because the implant market is largely dominated by premium products, BioHorizons’ share in the value segment translates into a smaller portion of the overall U.S. implant market. 
6. Implant Direct Implant Direct is the sixth leading competitor in the US dental implant market. It is a US-based company that was founded in 2006, and it was among a group of pioneers in the industry’s value segment.
Over the years, the growing trend towards more value and discounted implants has positively affected company sales. However, Implant Direct’s relatively low price in the market puts a limit to its overall market share within the industry.
7. HIOSSEN HIOSSEN is the seventh notable player in the dental implant market.  It was founded in 2006 and is the North American subsidiary of a bigger corporation, Osstem Implant. Similar to the rest of the companies on the list, HIOSSEN manufactures dental implants, biomaterial and different solutions for dental surgery procedures.
Osstem Implant, however, is the leading dental implant manufacturer in the South Korean and Asia-Pacific markets. Thus, HIOSSEN is Osstem Implant’s way of having its foot in the US market.
8. MegaGen The eighth spot on our list belongs to MegaGen, an Asian-born company that also aims for a share of the dental implant space in the USA. After separating from one of the bigger players, Straumann Group, it developed its own global market strategy and became an independent dental solutions provider.
9. Anatomage Anatomage maintains a modest share of the overall U.S. dental implant market and occupies the ninth spot on our list. Anatomage does not manufacture any dental implant products but solely focuses on  the dental imaging software market. Due to its successful treatment planning software and surgical guide business, the company occupies the top spots in the respective markets. For years, it has been successfully competing with giants like Dentsply Sirona and Nobel Biocare.
10. Bicon Bicon is the company that closes our list of top dental implant companies in the USA. It is a US privately-owned company, and it is commonly known for its specialty implants. Over the years, Bicon acquired a loyal implant user base because its implants are simple, user-friendly and are offered at a decent price. Customers have also remained committed to Bicon implants because clinical studies performed on the company’s products have proved that they are reliable and yield positive outcomes for its users.


The US dental implant market has seen a steady growth of around 3% in terms of market value for the past five years. While the premium implant companies, such as Straumann, Nobel Bionics, and Dentsply Sirona, control a large portion of the market, value-based and discount companies have seen a rise in popularity. By recognizing this shift towards more affordable implant offerings, premium companies are pressured to acquire smaller value-based implant business. As a result, the average selling prices of dental implants have been in decline.