Treat Oncology Effectively During Pregnancy With The Right Medicine

Treat Oncology Effectively During Pregnancy With The Right Medicine


Tumors can occur in any part of the human body. Not all tumors are cancerous. But, the formation of tumors in the body can create health hazards. If a woman is pregnant and is diagnosed with cancer, then it is harmful not only for her health but for her baby’s health as well. It is natural to get worried about a woman who has been recently diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy. Are you too suffering from the same problem? If yes, then the good news is that there are medicines available for cancer treatment in pregnancy. Let us know more about the oncology during pregnancy in the following lines.

A note about cancers in pregnancy

Generally, women do not be a victim of cancer when she is pregnant. In some rare cases, it has been found that women who have crossed their child-bearing age have developed cancer. Initially, a woman does not come to know about cancer unless she goes through some routine tests. There are several reasons associated with cancer in pregnant women. The pregnancy becomes critical when a woman develops cancer while she is carrying her baby in the womb. Fortunately, there are medicines which are capable of treating cancer in pregnancy.

Types of cancers

The cancers which affect women at the time of pregnancy are breast cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma, Melanoma, cervical cancer, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Gestational trophoblastic tumor, and thyroid cancer.

Symptoms of cancer in pregnant women

How will you know that you have developed cancer in your pregnancy days?

  1. The shape of the breasts of a woman who has cancer will change.

  1. Constant headaches occur during the cancerous stage at the time of pregnancy.

  1. Extreme tiredness is another red signal of cancer during pregnancy.

  1. Bleeding from vagina or rectum poses a potential threat of cancer when a female is pregnant.

  1. Feeling of heaviness in the stomach at all times is another sign of cancer.

Tests conducted on a cancer patient

Oncology in pregnancy can be cured with the help of certain tests. There are mainly five types of tests that are performed on a pregnant woman who has been suspected of cancer.

  1. a) The Computed tomography which is known as CT scan is considered safe in nine months of pregnancy. The radiation of the CT scan does not reach the fetus.

  1. b) The radiation of X-rays is extremely low which does not harm the fetus of a pregnant woman.

  1. c) As there is no ionizing radiation, the magnetic resonance imaging is reckoned as safe for diagnosing cancer.

  1. d) The use of the ultrasound is done on a pregnant woman, as there is no ionizing radiation.

  1. e) A biopsy is another safe diagnostic test which is carried out during pregnancy. In a biopsy, a sample of tissue is used in the test. Hence, it does not cause harm in the fetus.

Is cancer curable during pregnancy?

Taking a pregnant woman’s age and maturity of the fetus into consideration, an obstetrician will start the treatment accordingly. Before giving the medicines, an obstetrician will know the stage of cancer, the causes of cancer, the precise location where cancer is detected and the pregnancy stage. Surgery is performed at the initial stage of cancer in order to avert future complications. The obstetrician generally prescribes medications for treating cancer patients who are in their family way.

With the oncology pregnancy medicine, the would-be mothers who have been diagnosed with cancer can keep themselves and their newborns safe from the deadly disease.