Types of Hand Dryers to use

If one owns a restaurant or a store or any kind of other commercial establishments then they might keep a restroom or a bathroom for the consumers and the clients. But keeping paper towels for use after washing hands seems to be an old idea though.

These days people are more up to use a hand dryer machine because the hand become dry at once when one leaves the restroom. Also, this does not waste a lot of paper.

Paper towels these days are a wasteful option though they do serve a useful purpose. They are also bad when it comes to environment. Also, they are expensive options rather than a commercial hand dryer. So using a hand dryer is always a great option for the business owners.

Commercial hand dryers have become popular over the years and there are different varieties available in the market now.

Traditional Hand Dryer

These hand dryers mainly come with a button which the users need to push when they want to start the dryer. It then starts blowing out hot air. These hand dryers mainly take 30 to 45 seconds to dry the hands and they are very affordable hand dryers when it comes to market price. They also work slowly and require some pushing to turn it on. But they use more electrical energy than other hand dryers.

High-Speed Hand Dryer

Those who find traditional hand dryers to be very slow, they can use this. They mainly dry hands within 15 seconds and so they work really fast. They are also a very convenient option for customers. They also use a lot of less energy and so one can actually save money and cost over time. But there is a drawback. These dryers do make a lot of sound when functioning.

Automatic Hand Dryer

As the name suggests, they work automatically which means one does not need to push the button to start it. So when someone places a hand under the vent then the dryer starts working automatically. When one removes the hand after drying the machine stops automatically again. This is very safe to use because one does not have to touch the machine while using it. Also, they use a lot of lesser energy than other hand dryers. But yes, at the same time, they are expensive than the above mentioned hand dryers.

Here are some major things to keep in mind before buying a hand dryer:

  • One should keep a budget for the hand dryer and then buy the machine according to that. But yes, the lower the budget, the models will be more basic.
  • Check the speed of the dryer before buying because it is a very crucial thing to check. Hand dryers should work fast because people can use it quickly.

Hand dryers are very necessary these days because they are hygienic and easy to use. Also, it is less messy than using paper towels in restrooms which are public.