Unique Décor Ideas for Your Pooja Thali

Pooja ceremonies in India are usually a result of a lot of planning & preparation. This planning & preparation is especially true when it comes to decorations. Be it for your home, Pooja Samagri, hawan samagri or your pooja thali. For instance, a decorated thali for wedding ceremonies takes quite a lot of preparation that starts days in advance.

So, looking for tips & tricks for your pooja thali decor? Want to incorporate your hawan samagri perfectly onto a beautiful thali? You’re right where you need to be. Listed below are our suggestions for unique thali decorations that will help make your ceremony that extra bit prettier.

1. Pearl Pooja Thali Decoration

As the name suggests, the goal is to strategically cover the thali in pearls.
All you need for this particular thali has been listed below.
– Velvet Cloth, A Platter, Pearls & Glue


Begin by clean the plate. Apply adhesive and stick the velvet cloth by covering the whole platter. Let it dry for a few minutes.

• As always, begin by wiping the plate clean using a clean cloth.
• Apply adhesives or glue before covering the entire platter with a velvet cloth.
• Let this dry for a few minutes
• Once dry, you can begin drawing patterns of your choice with glue
• Once your patterns are done, place the pearls on your design & Voila!

Your designer thali is ready!

2. Gotta Patti Thali Decoration

Everything you require for this Thali has been stated below:

Red & Colourful Mauli Thread, Glue Gotta Patti & A Round Plate


• Using a clean piece of cloth, wipe the plate clean of any marks or dirt.
• Apply glue to the edges of your thali & stick one round Gotta Patti.
• In the same manner, stick on a colorful mauli thread. You will need circle round atleast 4-5 times. Then, create another gotta patti line & begin with the red mauli thread right after. Repeat this process till your plate has been completely covered.

• With a little bit of patience, you can create flowers using the gotta patti & attach it onto the edges.

And just like that, your pooja thali is ready!

3. Brocade and Stone Plate Thali Adornment

Everything you require for this design has been listed below –

Brocade Cloth, Designer thread, Adhesive & Clean Stones.


• Wipe the plate using a soft clean cloth to eliminate any stains or dust.
• Cut the cloth into the same shape as the thali itself.
• Place the adhesives on the plate & simply stick the cloth on. Try avoiding any air bubbles that may hamper the look.
• Leave it to dry for a few minutes
• Create a design using your glue & simply stick your stones on.
• Use the designer thread & stick it along the perimeter of the plate.

And your Brocade & stone plate thali adornment is complete.

4. Rajasthani Pooja Thali Decoration

Everything you need for this design has been listed below.
Bandhej Chunri Cloth, Adhesive, Yellow Cloth, Thali & Embellishments For Rajasthani Styling


• Place the cloth on the thali for reference.
• Cut the piece of cloth into half the size of the thali.
• Using an adhesive or glue, stick the piece of cloth onto the thali.
• Using the embellishments, create patterns that depict Rajasthani murals.
• Using a lace or thread, decorate the edges for that extra touch of class.
• Once the above has been completed, you must let it all dry for a bit.

A few minutes later, your thali décor is complete!

5. Banana Leaf Swastika Thali Decoration

Items you need have been listed below –
Banana Leaf, Marigold Flowers, Pooja Thali, Diyas, Oil and Red Roli.


• Take the banana leaf and cut into the shape of the thali itself
• Ensure the leaf is secured in the plate before creating a swastika pattern using the oil.
• Apply the roli on & let it dry
• Start arranging the marigold flowers in a circle using diyas.

And your puja thali is ready!

These ideas listed above are open to your own interpretations. Feel free to let your creative juices flow & take our suggested designs a step further! Do share your results or ideas down in the comments below!