Various types of toilets that you may consider for installation in your house

These days, the design and appearance of the bathrooms and the toilet are given equal importance. As any other rooms in the property. Hence, Homeowners keep looking for elegant designs and styles of this Sanitaryware that will offer them the optimum comfort and will enhance the elegance of the place. Majorly, you can categorize the toilets in 2 categories, the European Style toilets, and the Squatting pans. Here is a list of the various modern design and style of the toilets that you can consider installing.


WC Health Toilets

This happens to be a unique style that comes from a leading Turkish Sanitaryware manufacturer. It blends the goodies in the water closet style and the squatting pans. These toilets would go the extent of 40 KG for its weight, while the height will vary between 22 and 25 CM. These toilets come covered with bacterial-proof glazing.

Western or European Water Closet Design

These toilets have been given the design to serve as sitting toilets and come with cover and seat. You will have to close the cover while flushing these toilets. These toilets usually come with attached flush tank, usually made of ceramic or plastic. The default design will trap a little volume of water by the water seal. Normally, these toilets come with an Open-Rim design so that it can produce the most effective cleaning. The weight of these toilets varies between 12 and 20 KGS. While the height usually stays in the range of 500 and 550 MM.

One-piece & 2-piece toilets

A variant of the Europen Water closet models, the 2piece toilets are those, wherein the toilets come with a separate flushing tank, fixed together, using bolts. On the other hand, in a one-piece design, the flush tank and the toilet are integrated and comes with a one-piece design. Usually, the sweating tank toilets are the one-piece models.

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Squatting Pans

The is the most traditional form of toilets that still retains its relevance in modern house design. These pans are more common in the Asian countries and offer better health and hygiene standards, compared with the European design toilets. In addition, these toilets are easier to install, clean and come for a much lesser cost than the toilets, designed in European style. You get these toilets in models like standard & sleek squatting pans, as well as pans with spate footrest and the ones, that comes without the footrest.

Anglo-Indian Style Toilets

As you can make it from the name itself, these toilets are basically the combination of the classic squatting pans and the modern European Water closet design. These toilets are alternatively known as Universal Toilets and Combination toilets.

In addition to the ones stated above, you can opt for various customized designs, suiting to the design of the bathroom and our spending plans. No matter the model you are picking. Ensure that you are picking a durable toilet, coming with the ideal height for you and is easier to clean. Chose the style and color, considering the design of the bathroom and shaded used to paint the walls.