Vegetable Purifier: Get Rid of Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables in Easy Steps

Eating fresh and healthy food should be a part of your daily lifestyle. Due to the increase in the demand for fruits and vegetables in the food industry, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are being used to yield more crops. Vegetables and fruits that you buy from the market are sprayed with different chemicals that can affect your health to a major extent.

Vegetable Purifier

We cannot control the use of chemicals, but we can always make sure that the fruits and vegetables we eat are free from such chemicals. Are you wondering how? An appliance called vegetable purifier can help you completely get rid of the pesticides and insecticides residing on the fruits and vegetables that you have purchased. It is not easy to get rid of these chemicals by just washing them with water. You need to adopt special methods to remove the chemicals.

Ill-Effects of Harmful Chemicals

Though pesticides and insecticides keep away diseases from the plants, the fruits and vegetables with traces of these chemicals are not safe for human consumption. From minor health issues like nausea to acute diseases like cancer, pesticides can lead to a number of health problems. They can cause other health issues like diarrhea, headache, extreme weakness, skin irritation and PCOD.

Use Vegetable Purifier to Get Rid of Chemicals

Washing fruits and vegetables before eating them is not enough to get rid of the chemicals. Before you eat, clean them with vegetable purifier to get chemical-free vegetables and fruits.

Vegetable purifiers remove insecticides, farm chemicals and insecticides from meat, fruits and vegetables using ozone disinfection technology. The appliance uses ozone to kill the viruses, bacteria and other fungi from the surface of vegetables and fruits. You can opt for either countertop vegetable purifiers or wall-mounted purifiers. Both the models are functionally the same but differ according to the placement.

Steps to Follow Vegetable Purifier for Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits

If you think that using a vegetable purifier might be complicated and it might take hours to clean the vegetables, don’t worry. Cleaning vegetables and fruits won’t take more than 30 minutes with this purifier. The best thing is that you need not monitor the purifier when it’s working. Here are the steps to get clean and chemical-free fruits and vegetables with a vegetable purifier:

  1. Take a big bowl that can fit all the needed fruits or vegetables. Fill it with water and put the vegetables or fruits into the bowl.
  2. Now, take the nozzle of the vegetable purifier and place it in the bowl.
  3. As per the number of fruits or vegetables, select the time. You can increase the mode as the number of fruits and vegetables increases.
  4. When the process is done, empty the bowl and wash all the fruits and vegetables with fresh water.
  5. Now, the vegetables and fruits are clean and chemical-free. You can consume without worrying about diseases.

With the increasing number of diseases, it has become important to prevent the diseases beforehand. Use vegetable purifiers to get clean vegetables and fruits. You can also use this appliance to clean the chemicals that are present in fish, meat and other seafood.