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2020 Fashion Mistakes Short Girls Should Avoid

If you are a fashionable and stylish diva but short and petite in frame, do not be disappointed when it comes to embracing the latest fashion trends of 2020. If you have checked out the runways of Milan, New York, and London Fashion Week news, you might be disappointed that some outfits you like might not flatter you this year. However, there are some amazing takeaways that you can get from Milan, New York, and London and wow onlookers with your amazing sense of glitz and style.

Victoria Barbara Montalvo – Discover The Best Styles For Your Petite Frame This Year 

Victoria Barbara Montalvo is a fashion blogger in the USA popular for her street style and high -end fashion collection. Given below are her tips for 2020 short girl fashion this year-

  • Flares are in – Yes, the 70’s retro-styled jeans still have a strong appeal in 2020. Flares give short girls the illusion of really long legs. Choose high waisted jeans with flares starting from the knee and pair them up with high heels for the perfect look. 
  • Choose a Maxi dress with a split – Maxi dress often swamps the bodies of short girls, especially if they have long sleeves. Dresses with a wide split will give you more balance and definition to your small features. If your dress has long sleeves, roll them up as this will create a big difference. 
dress with a split
  • Consider your proportions – If you wish to knock off some years from your age, say no to floaty fabrics. Choose two pieces you can nip and tuck at your waist as they complement your figure to its full length. You also look mature at the same time. Anything high-waisted is a winner for you, so choose a lot of structured blazers and skirts. 
  • Maxi and Midi skirts should sit on or a little above your knee – It becomes challenging for you to choose the perfect maxi and midi skirt if you are short and petite. However, this does not mean you cannot wear them. Choose a piece that shows more leg and fabric with more movement like a skater or flared fabrics to make your legs look longer. 
  • Say no to chunky shoes if you wear skirts below the knee – Short women should avoid chunky boots and shoes, especially if they are wearing skirts below the knee. Ankle strapped shoes with heels are ideal for the look. However, choose straps that are delicate and thin. 
  • Choose ankle boots – Knee-high boots should be an absolute “no” for you. They complement skirts that are high on the knee or just touch the knee. For special events, you can pair these boots with skirts that just go over the knee as well. 
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Choose ankle boots

Victoria Barbara Montalvo says that if you are a short and petite girl, avoid trousers with wide legs. Cropped and tapered styles will give you a longer look. Do not choose baggy and big fabrics as they will swamp your figure. 

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