What are the Canada’s Occupation in Demand in 2021?

If you are thinking of immigration to Canada, then there are ample opportunities that exist for you. With a fast-growing economy and programs like express entry, Canada has opened the gates for skilled professionals from all over the world, and they are getting paid for the high jobs. However, the smart way to immigrate is to select the province where your occupation is in high demand; you can start by keeping an eye on the Canada Occupational Demand list. They choose your profession and your province accordingly. 

Every country wants only skilled and experienced professionals in its domain who help meet the labor market shortage and help in the growth of the economy. Thus, if you have education, skills, and experience on your side, then you can start looking for the demand of your occupation in Canada and start the immigration process as early as possible. 

Let us look at some of the occupations that are in high demand in the year 2021 in Canada

  • NOC CODE – 3113 – Dentist
  • NOC CODE – 3012 – Nurses
  • NOC CODE 3112 – Doctors – General practitioners and Family Physicians
  • NOC CODE 11 – Chartered Accountants – Financial accountants and auditors
  • NOC CODE 0311 – Managers in healthcare
  • NOC CODE 0512 – Managers- Publishing, Broadcasting, and performing arts
  • NOC CODE 6321 – Chef
  • NOC CODE 4112 – Indian lawyers
  • NOC CODE2173 – Software Engineers
  • NOC CODE 4032  -Teachers – Kindergarten and elementary teachers
  • NOC CODE 2211 – Food technologist – technicians and Chemical technologists
  • NOC CODE 0611 – Sales and marketing managers – sales, marketing, and Advertising Manager
  • NOC CODE 2312 – Mechanical Engineers

Most of the Immigration programs require a valid job offer from a Canadian employer for immigration, but there are also programs like Express entry, which are highly popular and allow the appellant to relocate without a job offer in Canada Also, with the skilled occupation in demand list the applicant need not have a job offer The applicant needs to meet few of the requirement to help him relocate with ease. 

Every applicant needs to meet the immigration requirement. For those who are immigrating without a job offer, the requirements are –

  • The occupation of the applicant should be in high demand. this will ensure that the appellant will be able to get a job as soon as he relocates to Canada
  • The applicant should provide proof of funds to help support himself and also his family soon after immigrating. There should be proper documents provided to prove the solvency to the Canadian government before immigration. 

Which province has the highest number of job opportunities in 2021?

The Provinces that are inviting a large number of Immigrants recently are – Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta. Provinces like Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba have a shortage of skilled labor, and there is a high number of vacancies in Quebec with a decrease in Unemployment. The tech workers have a good chance in Ontario and British Columbia, and in the COVID 19 time’s healthcare industry has picked up massively in all the provinces.