What are the Main Factors Contributing to Men’s and Women’s Different Ring Size?

Rings that you wear almost always come in the US size. And therefore though there is no such huge difference, the major difference lies in the size of the fingers as women like to wear much sleeker rings. It is far easier to wear rings when you see that they have arrived with the right size and that it fits perfectly. 

Therefore, this is the reason why before you are purchasing anything, the sales representative would ask you to give your ring measure to them. Most of the jewelers would do your men’s and women’s ring sizes for free and therefore always go for one which would be accurate. One going for low-cost unreliable methods of measuring your ring size would not be the best option for you. 

Difference between Ring Size of Men and Women

Numerically the size of both men and women are the same. However, the main difference would lie in the width of the band. Traditionally you would always notice that women wear band which are slicker and thinner than what men usually wear. Again, you would also find rings that are meant for both. 

Always keep in mind that while you are purchasing rings, one thing to keep in mind would be that the bandwidth is narrower and thinner would fit loosely when compared to a band with a thicker band that would fit tightly. You could also give you width measurement when you are providing your ring size to the seller for you and it would sometimes depend on the metal as well.  

The rings carry the same purpose, and even though when made of the same metal, it is not always the same. The rings that are designated for a lady are much more sophisticated, delicate, and intricate as well as encrusted. With men’s and women’s ring sizes, you would see that some things are taken into factor when they are designed. Men’s rings are rough, rugged and stout pieces that could often have any kind of controversial symbolism. 

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When you look at clothes and shoe sizes, you would notice that the sizes are different. It is because of so many factors like men have broader shoulder while woman have a more slender figure and men also have narrower hips than girls. Also, when are generally much taller and wider as well. When buying clothes, you would see that the waist size is taken into account while for a woman; it would be the hip size.

Ring Size and Tips

While buying jewelry specially rings, you would see that almost every jeweler would stick to the same ring size only. While some companies would only provide you with whole sizes, some would even provide you with quarterly ones. 

When you are stuck between two sizes, sizing up men’s and women’s ring sizes is always a great idea. Always keep the band width when you are ordering a ring. Otherwise, your new ring could be too tight. Thus, keeping these advices in mind you would be able to find the perfect ring for yourself.