What Are The Pros And Cons Of Water-Based Lube

Getting wet is the most essential and fun part of sex. A woman knows when it happens. However, not many women know what is actually happening downstairs. You get wet when you are turned on. Getting wet actually makes sex more pleasurable for both men and women. However, not all women are the same. Some women naturally produce plenty of fluid. When you get arousal, the flow of blood towards the vagina triggers lubrication. There are two pea-sized glands located to the left and right side of the opening of the vagina. These two glands secrete a fluid that naturally lubricates the vaginal wall. This fluid spreads more easily and also a lot slipperier. 

The quality and quantity of fluid produced vary from person to person. Hormones and emotions can affect the quality and quantity of the fluid. 

The vagina can naturally produce lube to facilitate penetration during vaginal sex. However, when it comes to anal sex, or you are using sex toys such as a sex doll, you have to use the best lubricant for women.     

Every online sex toys store selling sex toys also sell different types of lubes. Following are different types of lubes: 

  • Water-based lubricant  
  • Silicone-based lubricant
  • Oil-based lubricant
  • Natural lubricant

Water-based lubricants are equally used by men and women for anal sex. However, not all water-based lubes are the same. Following are factors you have to consider while choosing a water-based lube: 

  • Safety 
  • Thickness 
  • How long does it last

Pros And Cons Of Water-based Lube


Easy To Clean Up 

These water-soluble lubes are very easy to clean. A quick rinse is enough to clean your butt plug. 

Can Be Used With Silicone Sex Toys 

You can use a water-based lube with silicone butt plugs, dildoes and vibrators. On the other hand, silicone-based lubes can cause damage to your silicone sex toys. 

Smells Good 

While using a water-based lube, you can find that it gives a mild citrus smell. Some lubes of this type give no smell at all. If the lube is giving the smell of funky chemicals, it consists of petroleum-derived ingredients. You should avoid such lubes for both anal and vaginal penetration. These are bad water-based lubes which can cause harm to rectal and vaginal tissues. 


It Evaporates 

Being water-based, these lubes evaporate quickly. So, you have to frequently apply lube, especially for penis masturbation and hand-jobs. Evaporation of water leaves thickeners, humectants and preservatives behind on the skin. Things become sticky and you have to add the lube again. This happens because lubes contain glycerin and other sugar alcohol ingredients. The best water-based lube is less sticky as it does not contain sugar alcohol ingredients. 

Risky For Anal And Vaginal Penetration 

Petroleum derived ingredients and preservatives used in lubes are harsh. These ingredients are used to lower the manufacturing cost. Strong water-based lubes are not safe for anal and vaginal penetration. This can increase the risk of yeast infections, BV and STI transmission. 

Whether it is water-based or any other, be aware of the ingredients used in the lube. If you are buying the best lubricant for women from an online store, you do not need to worry. 

Just enjoy sex.