What is a Sales Funnel, Examples and How to Create One

One needs to have a clear understanding about all aspects of a sales funnel. Here we are going to share examples with you. Moreover, you will get the details as to how to create one for your business. Impressive sales funnel. 

It positively impacts the behaviour of your consumers. It doubles your sales figures and takes your customers to get closer with your products. 

Furthermore, sales funnels have become the most powerful and solid concepts in an online business world. To have extensive info on this concept, you can go through the details of Sarkis-Web Design and get more comprehensive understanding.

All about sales funnel

It is the incorporation of a sales funnel that can well illustrate and craft your online business prospects. It increases your business prospects and converts your visitors all into paying and loyal customers. It influences your visitors in a positive manner. It works in a way like visitors visiting your website. 

He or she becomes a prospect for your business. If that prospect shows willingness to fill out the form, then it will turn out to be a lead for your business. If a lead comes to your site again, then it will be marked as target audience. And making a purchase will count that audience as a paying customer.

Example of a sales funnel

Suppose you are involved in an ecommerce business and your target customers’ fall in between 25 and 55 years of age. You plan to run and operate a fantastic looking Facebook Ad so that you can drive more traffic right to a landing page. 

On the other hand, you ask or put forward this request in front of your prospect to sign up. You then educate your subscribers regarding your products.

 Offering them a 10 percent coupon off may turn your prospects to become loyal towards your product.

How to create one? (Steps to Follow!)

  1. The first step is that you need to analyze your target audience behaviour.  You should know extensively about your audience, this is how you can effectively and perfectly make the sales funnel become. Go on marketing those set of people who are an ideal fit for your business.
  2. Then in the second, you should make efforts to capture and grab your target audience’s attention. You need to lure and attract more and more people towards your product line. Put and display your convincing content right in front of your target customers.
  3. The third step is to start creating and developing a landing page. This is how you can increase your sales prospects and you will instantly direct your audience to land on your products. Creating a powerful landing page will help you in grabbing and capturing leads. It steers and pushes your visitors on a high level.
  4. Besides, you need to create and make an email drip campaign. In this campaign, you have to put up amazing content so that you can educate your visitors extensively.
  5. In the last step of this sales funnel creation process, you need to remain in touch with your loyal, current and existing customers. 


This is all of the discussion on sales funnel, what other details you want to know about. Experiment with this sales funnel creation process and share your feedback over here.