What is the Best CBD Oil for Anxiety?

I think it’s safe to say that the last few months have been a bit anxiety making with the global pandemic! We’ve been forced into an extended lockdown perhaps isolated from our friends and family, our jobs have changed in some form or another (and for many, not in a positive way), and, in general, there is no clear end in sight it making it hard to plan for the future and forcing us to take things one day at a time. This “new normal” does not appear to be going anywhere any time soon so we must find ways to manage increased stress and anxiety levels. What has helped me (particularly now) is CBD. In this post I will explain why many people are taking CBD for anxiety in the UK, why I think our CBD oil is the best CBD oil for anxiety and my view on CBD dosage for social anxiety. 

There are lots of perceived benefits associated with taking CBD, obviously, at the moment there is a lot more about CBD for anxiety and in helping people get to sleep. So first a foremost, a very quick science class on why CBD works like this? CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) – the system that self regulates and maintains the equilibrium of our body to keep us stable. The ECS is made up of endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors and enzymes. The cannabinoid receptors are found in your nervous system and are responsible for different things such as memory, sleep, inflammation and pain. CBD, specifically, is believed to enhance the ability of these receptors to bind to other cannabinoids (these can be either those we already have internally or cannabinoids we introduce to the body such as those found in cannabis products) and to deliver, more effectively, their associated benefits such as anxiety, stress or pain relief. 

Having both worked in high-pressure jobs in New York and London in finance and law, we started using CBD to help manage our stress and anxiety levels – and it worked! Finding CBD was a massive discovery for us and one that we wanted to share with others, but, in the UK, many people were apprehensive to try CBD for anxiety or stress as they thought it might be illegal (given it is derived from cannabis), couldn’t relate to the CBD products that were already being sold or just didn’t really like the bitter taste of the hemp. So we started Paso to create a range of CBD products that would actually attract and appeal to CBD users (both old and new) so that finally people could reap the benefits of using CBD for anxiety in the UK! 

We sell a range of delicious CBD products – CBD edibles (CBD oil, CBD gummies and CBD chocolate) and CBD Vape Products (CBD e-liquid cartridges and CBD vape oils) – but, in this post, I will focus on our CBD oils since, as I said earlier, it’s the best CBD oil for anxiety! CBD oil tends to be one of the most popular methods for incorporating CBD into your everyday life and using it to relieve stress and anxiety. This is because: 

1) After smoking the flower, CBD oral oil drops are the most natural and healthy way to take CBD. It is just extracted hemp mixed with some sort of carrier oil so you don’t have to worry about any extra calories! This makes it much more like a Nutrition Products Online.

2) CBD oil is the most effective CBD edible in terms of the degree and speed at which the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream. The main reason for this is that the CBD is not mixed in with any other ingredients to make it a sweet treat or snack and so does not pass through your digestive system before any of the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. Instead, you dropper or spray the CBD oil straight under your tongue where the sublingual artery lives (which is easily permeable and has a healthy blood supply) increasing the speed the CBD takes to work and minimising the CBD being wasted through lack of absorption.

3) CBD oil will be more concentrated than other edibles and so will be stronger per dose. We sell three strengths  – 3.3%, 6.6% and 10%. In our original flavour CBD oil tincture the higher the concentration, the stronger the hemp flavour and so the more bitter the taste. This is why we also released a 10% CBD oral oil spray in three flavours – mint, orange and lemon – to disguise the taste. Plus, the spray format makes it one of the most mess-free and convenient ways to take CBD so perfect to carry about with you and be on hand for any anxiety-inducing moment! 

Many people often ask us specifically “what is the best CBD dosage for social anxiety” well the answer is simple, it really depends on you. What we always suggest is starting low and seeing how you feel, then you can always increase it from there depending on its effects. For me personally, the best CBD dosage for my social anxiety tends to be two sprays of our flavoured oral CBD oil sprays, this makes me feel calm and ready to tackle any networking event or social situation! 

Head to our website to check out our range and see whether you agree that our oils are the best CBD oils for anxiety!