What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is an effective hair restoration treatment. It offers long-lasting natural hair. But before undergoing this method, many of us want to learn about the success rate of this treatment. Since this procedure is invasive and compared to other treatments, it is more expensive than raising such questions is obvious. Regarding this, we consulted with several hair transplant surgeons in Delhi. 

This blog incorporated valuable insights from the experts and the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. The post will share a guide on factors crucial to the success rate of hair transplants. So, let’s start with an overview of the hair transplantation procedure. 

An Overview of Hair Transplant  

A hair transplant is a cosmetic plastic surgery for bald scalp or body parts. This invasive procedure targets the roots of the balding scalp and implants the follicle grafts or their strips to give full coverage of the hairs. Hair transplantation is adequate to give one natural hair that can last long. The hair transplant procedure offers the highest success rate, and ideally, 90%-95% of individuals get satisfying results from hair transplants. But this success rate may vary, and the reasons enrooted to this variation are as follows-

  • Ideal Candidate

However, anyone can consider a hair transplant. However, hair transplant doctors have prescribed specific guidelines to get the desired outcome and avoid risk. These guidelines include the following tips to make one ideal for the treatment-

  • The candidate should be of age 25 or above
  • One can stop consuming alcohol, smoke, and drugs.
  • Stop having the blood thinning tablets.
  • Keep the body hydrated
  • Keep the targeted scalp or body and donor area clean and hygienic
  • Avoid taking excessive stress.
  • Control the blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • One has realistic expectations from the treatment.

One who follows these preparation guidelines can get the highest success rate of hair transplants. 

  • Hair Transplant Technique

Ideally, there are two types of hair transplantation. One is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and the other is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT is a traditional surgical method, whereas FUE is an advanced minimally invasive hair transplant technique. Both methods are effective and give impressive results in their own way. However, selecting the proper hair transplant technique increases the success rate of the treatment. Regarding this, a hair transplant doctor can help only.

  • Aftercare of the Treated Area

A hair transplant is an outpatient-based treatment. This treatment needs post-operative care. It is essential to make the procedure successful and receive the desired outcome. Regarding this, some of the aftercare tips for the transplanted hairs are as follows-

  • Avoid taking too much stress
  • Avoid going out in the sunlight and pollution without protecting the treated area.
  • Take antibiotics and other medications on time.
  • Stop doing exercises or activities that require the use of the head.
  • Take a shower with normal water at room temperature.
  • Avoid applying hard-chemical-based cosmetics hair products on the treated area.
  • Keep the treated body part untouched in bed while lying or sleeping. 
  • Revisit the doctor for further consultation.

With the guidelines mentioned above, one may get satisfying results.

  • Positive approach

A hair transplant is an invasive procedure. Hence, some counter-effects may appear, like swelling, itching, and redness around the treated area. These side effects are avoidable because they can disappear within a few days after treatments. As a result, hair transplant doctors advise their patients to follow the positive approach and let treatment do its job. In such cases, if one remains scared and always has doubts about failure, one may not get satisfying results. On the other hand, realistic expectations and following the doctor’s instructions increase the success rate of the treatment.

  • Selection of the Medical Centre

While considering a hair transplant, the selection of the medical center also impacts treatment success rates. For instance, Delhi, the capital of India, has various skin & hair clinics and hair transplantation centers. This may make it a challenge for one to choose the best one because both facilities offer hair transplantation. In such cases, one may need to research well and select the clinic with the highest success rates. Regarding this, one can take help from the client’s portfolio. In addition, the clinic must be fully facilitated with tools, techniques, and doctors to perform hair transplants.

  1. Selection of the Professional to Perform Hair Transplant

Usually, a hair transplant is performed by a hair transplant surgeon. But nowadays, many plastic surgeons and skin & hair experts also offer invasive hair restoration. In such circumstances, one should research the doctor’s qualifications and experience well. A skin & hair expert specializing in hair transplant can also offer the highest success rate. To learn about that, one can take the help of the Internet and clients’ portfolios too. 

In Delhi, DMC Trichology is a leading medical center renowned for effective hair restoration. Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a top-notch skin expert in the town, manages this clinic. The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi at this clinic practices and offers scalp-to-body transplantation using FUE and FUT methods. To learn about the doctor, you may visit any branch of DMC Trichology located at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasanth Vihar (South Delhi).