Would you like to know more about WhatsApp Service Provider for API Integration?

With more than 1.5 billion users throughout the world, WhatsApp is the second most used app after Facebook. It is a favorite app for many people due to the user-friendly interface, free to use features, and ad-free application.

The advancing technology is changing the way business enterprises are communicating and interacting with their customers and the target audience. Social media has become a major promotional platform. Gone are the days when enterprises would make repeated voice calls to users to promote their business. SMS and email are also being used less when compared to WhatsApp messages.

To help business enterprises connect across various communication channels, many companies in the market provide API integration services and technical support. Take a look at the features provided by the WhatsApp service provider to facilitate business enterprises to stay connected with their customers.

  1. Send Notifications
  • Send informational messages to users to keep them informed at all times.
  • Notifications about orders booked, shipped, delivered, rejected, canceled, etc. can be sent to users.
  • Reminders about payment dues, service schedules, flight timings, restaurant reservations, etc. can be forwarded through WhatsApp.
  • Sending real-time notifications will enable customers to stay updated about their orders and bookings.

2. Send Promotional Messages

  • Promote the brand by sending attractive deals and discounts.
  • Launch a new product with exclusive offers, coupon codes, and referral schemes.
  • Help customer discover new products and services by replying to their messages with relevant information.
  • Convert conversations into transactions by promoting and finalizing sales from within the chatbox.

3. Customer Service

  • WhatsApp is a wonderful communication channel to improve customer support services.
  • The two-way communication allows customers to initiate conversations and raise complaints.
  • The support staff can access multiple conversations from various computers simultaneously.
  • This enables the support staff to cater to various customers at the same time.
  • As the method of conversation is easy, customers prefer to use WhatsApp when compared to calling the customer care phone numbers.
  • The support staff can find a record of the previous messages exchanged with the customer to understand their queries and complaints better.

4. Send Personalized Bulk Messages

  • Bulk messages can be sent to users with a single click. The platform allows enterprises to schedule and send bulk promotional messages.
  • The bulk messages can be customized to include the name of the customer, the name of the city, and such other information to make the message appear friendly.
  • Customers can be divided into groups and bulk messages can be sent based on their product preferences.

5. Detect Duplicate Messages

  • While scheduling and sending promotional messages, duplicate messages can be detected and deleted.
  • This will make sure that the customers are spammed with repetitive messages.

6. Automate Standard Responses

  • Quick Replies feature can be used to save and send standard responses to regular questions.
  • Chatbots can be created and used to send immediate automated responses to customer-initiated messages.
  • The bots can send replies to generic queries and also ask questions based on customers’ response.
  • This will enable the support staff to identify the root cause of the complaint and resolve it effectively.
  • The bots can keep the conversation alive until the support staff steps in and switches to real-time chat.

7.  End to End Encryption

  • WhatsApp provides end to end encryption to ensure that the data shared through private chats is always secure.

8. Two-factor Authentication

  • Using two-factor authentication, enterprises can send confidential transactional information, OTP, account details, etc. to customers using WhatsApp.

9. Interactive Interface

  • Enterprises and customers can exchange information in the form of text of unlimited length, images, documents, audio and video files, and share links to websites.
  • People of most age groups can use the app with relative ease, making it easy for enterprises to target various segments of their audience at once.

10. Dashboard

  • The dashboard provided by the companies will hold information about the number of messages sent, delivered, read, rejected, and received.
  • The list of invalid phone numbers resolved and unresolved complaints, active conversations also can be accessed through the dashboard.

11. Secure and Reliable Platform

  • The cloud platform is reliable and guarantees 99.9% uptime and system redundancy.
  • Data encryption and security, load balancing, role-based access control, and vulnerability testing keep the platform secure round the clock.

12. Technical Support

  • The companies 24*7 technical support and ensure that the platform is always error-free.
  • They handle and monitor the message traffic to make sure that the messages are immediately delivered to users and that there is no data loss.