Why Choose Hostgator For Dedicated Hosting Services?

Hostgator is a leader in web hosting providers with a high range of services at a low cost. You can find lots of Hostgator promo codes which reduce the actual price and made Hostgator services affordable. Currently, they are serving 9 million websites all over the world. In there, product line dedicated hosting is most in demand hosting due to the launch of Hostgator Dedicated Hosting coupon and reliability of Hostgator plays an important role. As a result One of the top magazines in America featured Hostgator as a second fastest and reliable growing business in 2008. They also provide domains, website builder and SEO tools for websites.

Is Hostgator dedicated hosting service is best for high traffic sites?

Hostgator hostings are well known for their uptime and reliability at a very affordable price. With that, they assured you for 45days money back guarantee. It makes your website load fast doesn’t matter from where you are using it. Because Hostgator have its own server stations in every big continent. The best part is that you have to pay a very minimal amount for it by using Hostgator promo codes. Let’s get all of the mind-blowing features.

  • First of all The cheapest price is a trademark of Hostgator whenever it comes to the cheapest and best Hostgator strikes in mind with that cheap prices Hostgator offers more discounted coupons and deals to their customers.
  • The personalized server this means Hostgator provides you with a separate personalized server on that only your site is hosted this gives your site blazing fast speed. And you can host so many sites on that.
  • No limits for bandwidth, no limits for data transfer. Now you can transfer as much as you can.
  • Full control on the server you can personalize and control data resources for every site hosted on your Hostgator dedicated hosting server. With that, there are some usual features like 99%uptime, @24X7 customer support.

How do I choose for best-dedicated server plan by using Hostgator promo code?

Yes, it’s a common question and little bit difficult to find the best plan at an affordable price. First of all, you have to find out your site resources requirements. Hence how much bandwidth required and average traffic per month at last how many sites you want to host on that server after finding these you can choose the best plan and for affordability, you can find Hostgator Dedicated Hosting coupon codes.

Basically, Hostgator provides you three plans

  • Value server is the cheapest plan and comes with these features. This plan cost you around 118$. including these features

Intel Xeon high-speed CPU

8 GB optimized RAM

Available in both Windows and Linux

  • Power server best for medium data sites and for those who want to host more than one site it costs you around 139$ per month. features seem like value little bit difference

Intel Xeon is common with 8 cores

16 GB blazing fast RAM

Windows and Linux both

  • Enterprise server suits for very high data requirements sites and expensive plan for the dedicated server by Hostgator you can able to get discount on this by using Hostgator coupon and it cost you approx 150$ if you chose for one year, as a result, you will definitely get some discount on these prices.

16 Threads with 8 cores Intel Xeon

Huge 30 GB of ram

SSD with 1 TB storage.

Is there any tool provided by Hostgator with dedicated hosting?

Gator provides you Cpanel and WHMCS tools to support your server. WHMCS is an automated tool helps you to generate bills Domain management and communication between different users. Cpanel is an essential tool here you can manage all settings of your hosting like users, software installation