Why Is Sheesham Wood The Best Choice For Wooden Beds?

Wood is the best choice for all furniture owing to its durability and longevity it offers. Though there are various types of woods available widely for making all kinds of furniture, one should consider the affordability factor while choosing a household item. Sheesham Wood is deemed to be ideal for making beds and other wooden furniture. It is colloquially referred to as the Indian rosewood and is a hardwood obtained from a deciduous tree. It is the best-known timber species so far, that is economical also. After teak wood, Sheesham is the most cultivated tree for timber. Let us discuss the reasons why purchasing a Sheesham bed online is highly preferred in the commercial market.

Properties of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is seen to exhibit various properties that make it viable for usage in the making of various wooden products. They are:

  • Various Shade Options

There is a variety of Sheesham wood, and it is available in numerous different natural shades. One can polish the furniture made of Sheesham wood further with other coatings that change and bring about various shades of colours. But the natural shade of Sheesham wood is highly preferred by most people, ranging from a regular brown to a red tint. Some customers feel that the natural grain structure built with the wood looks more luxurious and adds extra elegance to the products made from it.

  • High Resistance

Sheesham wood is highly resistant to various termites, decays and all kind of naturally occurring moulds and insects. This makes it ideal for the production of different household items with this wood as it has a long shelf life with no requirement for maintenance.

  • Durable

In comparison to all the other kinds of woods that are available, Sheesham lumber is more durable and therefore used widely for the manufacture of several types of stuff. It is the most durable wood type as it withstands all kinds of weather conditions and stays for many years and even decades if maintained in an excellent environmental condition without any rough handling.

What To Look For In A Wooden Bed?

Wood is the most preferred material for making a bed and the various aspects to look for in the choice of wood for a bed are:

  1. It should be easy to maintain without much effort.
  2. The wood of the bed should not require frequent polishing.
  3. It should blend with all the other furniture in the house and fit better with the interior design.
  4. The wood must look charming, attractive and decorative with intricate designs like carvings or engravements.
  5. The grains in the wood must impart a unique design to provide an aesthetic look.
  6. The wood used to make the bed must be reasonably priced and affordable by all the people.
  7. The wood’s natural colour must be elegant and look poise.
  8. The wood must be durable and convenient for production.
  9. It should last for long periods.
  10. Wooden beds are considered family heirlooms and are not easily discarded from the house. Therefore, they should meet all the expectations for two to three generations.

Reasons To Choose Sheesham Wood For Making Beds

The various points to consider in opting for Sheesham wood for making beds for a home are:

  • It is the best material to carve and engrave all types of design, even the most intricate ones. This is because it is hard and medium coarse in texture, making it highly suitable for the carving process. Furthermore, it does not bend or split during the procedures, and therefore Sheesham wood is the best choice to make beds.
  • Sheesham wood is the most economical wood globally as it is cost-effective in making massive wooden furniture like beds. As this wood is also best in quality, it is the best choice to make a bed that will make it highly affordable for everyone.
  • Easy maintenance is the most important criteria while choosing the material for making a bed. Sheesham wood is the one that does not require any special care and can be cleaned by simply wiping with a dry cloth.
  • Sheesham wood is resistant to all kinds of insects and termites and is weather-resistant to a greater extent. This makes it highly durable and last for a long span. Hence, manufacturers highly prefer this wood to satisfy all their customers in giving a good quality product that lasts a lifetime.
  • There are various shades available in a block of Sheesham wood, and it also imparts a natural grainy texture widely opted by many people. This makes Sheesham wood most suitable for making beds as it imparts a natural shade with no extra coating and provides a visually enticing end product. Wakefit wooden beds are both attractive and highly durable as it makes use of Sheesham wood.
  • Sheesham wood is suitable for any polishing and coating, and therefore it is widely used in the manufacture of beds to produce various products of different shades and finishes.
  • According to Vastu-Shastra, wood is considered auspicious to fit in all houses and is believed to bring peace and prosperity at home. Hence it is a must-own wood at all residences with regards to Hindu belief.
  • The wood that appears to look both luxurious as well as traditional with all the carvings and engraving is undoubtedly Sheesham.

Final Words

Sheesham wood is the best choice for making small d├ęcor household items to all sorts of traditional and contemporary furniture like sofa and beds. The primary criteria for choosing Sheesham wood are a combination of many factors like it can withstand extreme weather conditions, incredible durability, longevity, and ability to take all sorts of polishing, carving, and coatings. Therefore, a Sheesham wood king size bed with storage in all homes must be owned as it the most affordable hardwood exhibiting all properties similar to teakwood. Wait no longer to invest in Sheesham wood for your bed that you can hand over to your family later in life. Who knows they might even consider it as an antique piece and celebrate it in their life?