Why Medical Cannabis Sales In CO Up 57% During Week Of Panic?

Akerna Corp (NASDAQ:  KERN) is cannabis compliance, inventory tracking technology, and provider of the cannabis enterprise resource planning technology. Its products enable cannabis businesses and government agencies across multiple industries and geographies to compliantly manage the cannabis supply chain from seed-to-sale and collect and synthesize valuable data to enable visibility and operations management at scale. The KERN stock news at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-kern company is providing its regulatory software platform, Leaf Data Systems, to state government regulatory agencies. This business software platform is one of the state-licensed businesses. This platform is also providing clients with integrated security, transparency and scalability capabilities.

Analytics And Reporting Of Medical Cannabis Sales

  • Medical customers are buying 42% more products when shopping. They also see basket sizes increased 36%, which may suggest they are concerned about supply and are taking steps to make sure they have what they need on hand,” said Ryan Ballman, business intelligence analyst, Akerman.
  • Recreational customers made the biggest purchases on Monday, March 23, with an average basket size of $81.29 (up 63%) while also purchasing 123% more products than we see on a normal Monday.
  • The potential impact of COVID-19 has seen cannabis sales increase by 32% nationwide. With demand at an all-time high, the MJ Platform team is available to help operators make smarter business decisions through analytics and reporting. MJ Platform can help with:
  • Inventory Management

Know what you are having on hand, know what you can be promoting, and know where things are limited.

  • Run Rates

Know what your sales velocity is and you can get a handle on daily run rates, trends, and spikes.

  • Ordering

Know what to order, not just based on demand, but it is historical saling and what is hot during this time of high demand.

Forward-Looking Statements

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