Why Must Laser Hair Reduction Be Performed By A Dermatologist?

At present, most of the individuals concerned about the skin and unwanted hairs are moving toward lasers. In order to avail the benefits of laser hair reduction, most people prefer a skin doctor over many beauticians providing laser hair removal along with wax and shaving. Why?

To know about the reasons, we visited the Nirmal Skin & Hair clinic. It is a well-established medical centre. This clinic provides a variety of skin treatments along with lasers for unwanted hair reduction performed by the best Dermatologist in Vijayanagar. By taking insights from Dr. K. C Nischal and Dr. Urmila Nischal, this article is going to detail the benefits of considering a skin expert for laser hair removal.

An Overview on Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is an advanced non-invasive method for unwanted hair reduction. In this method, a laser-based device is used. The laser lights target the hair follicles residing at the dermal layer and diminish the factors causing their growth. 

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The consideration of lasers offers various benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • One can get rid of unwanted hair without experiencing any pain.
  • The method offers long-term freedom from unwanted hairs
  • There is no side effect including ingrown hairs and dark patches of the skin of laser hair removal.
  • It improves the tone and texture of the skin.
  • In the long term, it is a cost-effective method. 

Need of a Dermatologist for Laser Hair Removal 

A dermatologist is a medical specialist in skin care. The skin doctor treats patients based on his or her extensive understanding of human skin and the issues that can arise from it. It is imperative to consult a skin doctor before undergoing laser hair removal. Here are a few of the explanations for this: 

  • Understanding of the Laser Lights 

There are different types of laser lights present such as:

  1. Diode Laser

    It is the most widely used laser technique, releasing laser light with a wavelength of 810 to 1064 nm. It targets the soft tissues that result in undesired hair growth and penetrates the skin up to 2-3 mm. In addition to removing pigmentation from the treated area, it reduces hair. Diode lasers are very effective on light-colored hair and skin.

  2. Alexandrite Laser

    The device uses an Alexandrite laser to deliver the wavelength at 755 nm. For darker skin tones and coarse hairs, this laser light works well. 

  3. Q-Switched ND YAG Laser

    The Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser operates at two different energy frequencies: 532 nanometers for hyperpigmentation and the more superficial layers of skin, and 1064 nanometers for the deeper layers of skin.

A skin doctor knows about these laser techniques in depth. It helps the doctor to use the best laser light for the effective result of different types of skin tones and lengths of hair. 

  • The Management of the Counter-effects of the Laser 

There are some side effects to laser methods. Bruising, swelling, and redness around the treated area are some of these side effects. A dermatologist provides a one-stop shop for laser hair removal and its unfavorable side effects. 

  • How Many Sessions are Necessary?

Laser hair removal is an advanced technique that requires multiple treatment sessions. For optimal results, six to seven treatment sessions spaced out at specific times are needed. Every skin doctor is aware of how many sessions each patient will need.  

  • Body Portion to be Addressed

Any body part, from the hair to the toe, can have unwanted hair removed safely with a laser. It can be used on unwanted body hair on the chest, pubic region, underarms, and face. However, it is necessary to determine the length of the laser procedure based on the area to be treated, sensitivity and type of skin. A dermatologist will be your best bet in these situations.


One non-invasive technique for hair reduction is laser hair removal. This technique reduces unwanted hair by using lights. Various laser techniques, such as diode, alexandrite, and Q switched-Nd YAG in trend, are being used to achieve this. A skin doctor can help determine which laser is best for a candidate with normal to extremely sensitive skin. Furthermore, the dermatologist assists in overseeing the quantity of necessary treatment sessions and adverse reactions associated with laser hair removal. Therefore, consulting a dermatologist is advised.  

To find the best dermatologist for Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore one can visit Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic. This clinic has two top-notch skin experts Dr. Urmila Nishchal and Dr. K. C Nischal. These both skin doctors have combined experience of two decades in skin & hair treatment. Some of the skin & hair treatments provided by them include acne removal, pigmentation treatment, and unwanted hair reduction through advanced and skin-friendly safe laser light. To know about the best-suited laser technique and cost of laser hair removal treatment in Bangalore, visit the Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic today.