Why you Might Consider Switching Water Supplier

Due to how immediate and easy it is to use, we can often overlook the relationship our businesses have with water. It is an essential service, but it is important to realise that every single business uses water differently. The business next door to yours may get water from the same local supply, but their usage (and bills) should be wildly different from yours.

Many of us think that when you have a water supply, that’s it set in stone. Still, much like changing electric of internet supplier, any business has the right to switch water supplier if they’re unhappy with what they’re being offered and the cost of bills. If you have a business and have never taken costs into consideration, it may be time to rethink a little.

Let’s look at some of the ways switching water supplier may be a good idea in the long-term.

1 – You’re paying too much

Can you tell, down to the penny, what every charge on your water bill covers? The sum you pay isn’t just for how much water comes through the taps but also accounts for how water is disposed and what reliance your internal network has on water.

It may seem inconvenient, but spend some time figuring out what you’re paying for, and that your provider isn’t overcharging for specific services within the bill. A frequent example of this includes water suppliers charging a fixed amount for wastewater every month/quarter when you know the value varies throughout the year.

2 – Your bills don’t add up

Are you expecting a surprise every time your water bill comes in the post? You should be satisfied and confident that your bill remains steady throughout the year. Sometimes costs are down on seasonal averages, or your supplier will assume usage has shot up year on year (i.e. your provider will see what they billed you last spring and do the same this year).

Take the time to itemise the costs. Your water bill should have a breakdown of what each charge is billed against. Check that it makes sense to you and that your water provider knows if certain services have been minimised or not used at all.

3 – You’re not getting adequate services

Your business should be getting more than just a reliable water supply from your bill. There are a host of extra features a business should be able to avail from, although your provider may not make a song and dance about telling you, if it costs more money on their end.

If you don’t know already, phone and ask your water provider if any of the following are included in your bill:

  • Water auditing
  • Access to water filter installation
  • Wastewater management services

Also, ask them what services come as standard that you pay towards. They will have to tell you precisely what is included, and this could see your company’s water usage improve over time.

4- Your provider won’t budge

There is something very satisfying in being able to bring the costs of bills down, but it can be a nightmare if your supplier won’t budge on cost control. You can haggle a little and see if they will help you get better control on bills or at least provide additional services at no extra cost.

I recommend contacting other water companies and asking them what prices they’d expect to charge you and then inform your current supplier of this. They’d be keener to lower costs and keep you as a customer rather than losing you to someone else.

5 – Talk with other businesses

Probably one of the only times you’d want to talk with your competitors. Find local businesses within your niche and ask them how much they’re paying for water. You’ll be surprised how eager people are to talk about utilities, especially if they know they aren’t being ripped off by bills.

It should spark enough interest in them wanting to know how much you pay. Knowing that either of you is being charged entirely different amounts, especially if you’re with the same supplier, could see a few phone calls to your supplier answer difficult questions.

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