The United Nations have always focused on empowering women through education for sustainable development. Out of all the things that influence a woman’s success and health, education is the most influential one. Fortunately, in contemporary times, more girls have access to education opportunities more than ever. The gender gap continues to narrow globally, reflecting the many efforts organizations put in empowering the girl child. That reflects an enlightened society as well. Here are the benefits of empowering women through education.

Improved health

According to research, kids born to literate mothers are more likely to survive past age five than kids born to illiterate mothers. Facilitating and maintaining women’s education contributes significantly to improving female health outcomes. For instance, well-educated women are more likely to use protection to protect themselves from HIV and STDs. They are also likely to use contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Education for women also helps improve prenatal and postnatal care, which reduces the risks of maternal deaths, pregnancy risks, and infant mortality. Globally, educated women play a very vital role in the health sector. When women are educated, they help other women; for instance, the nova group for women jobs and insights that provide job opportunities to women healthcare workers to serve women. Therefore, educating women results in healthy families. 

The economic growth of the society

The most apparent advantage of empowering women through education is potential economic growth. According to the World Bank, women who have only a year in secondary education see a 25% increase in income later in life. Women’s education also influences the gross domestic product positively. Moreover, an educated woman doesn’t have to depend on anyone for basic needs. It means she is economically empowered to make a living for herself and her family. Generally, female education results in the economic growth of the entire society. 

Results in intergenerational success

A learned mother is more likely to send their child to school than an uneducated one. A study conducted in India found that a woman’s education has more effects on a child’s education than a man’s education. A learned woman will want her kids to get the best education and pursue higher education levels. Furthermore, empowering women through education results in fewer maternal deaths and infant mortality, reducing the number of children who grow without mothers. A mother’s presence during their growth results in a more empowered child.

Improves our environment

Although everyone must be empowered to protect the environment regardless of gender, empowering a woman through education results in a better environment. Women spend more time at home, and knowing to recycle domestic waste helps them conserve the environment more and teach the kids. Our environment means more to us and future generations. Therefore we must do everything to protect it for the sake of future generations. 

Encourages female leadership

A learned woman is more likely to be a leader in society and empower other women. Moreover, more emphasis is placed on gender equity to encourage more women to seek opportunities against stereotypical odds. When women are in leadership, they allocate resources fairly and effectively just as they care for their kids.


Empowering a woman through education has many benefits to society as a whole. It results in economic growth, improved health, a better environment, intergenerational success, and an empowered community at large.