WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Setting up a WooCommerce Inventory Management Tool for your fulfilling your growing business demand is not a very difficult task. You have just a few products, you know that you know who is buying it, things are easy but as your shop grows, it becomes complicated, the demand for your products.

You are looking for other suppliers and distributors, and in a short time, you are in a complex web of supply chain and logistic obstacles. This is the exact point when you need the help of a skilled inventory management tool that will help you keep everything organized and sensible.

This article looks at some advantages of choosing inventory management solutions, and some efficient tools that are currently available.

Bull Stock Management

This plugin helps you in the stock management of your WooCommerce store. This creates a separate interface on your site where your products and variations are listed with their stock information

It helps to update stock volume and stock position of many products at one time. If necessary, you can also print your store’s stock report using this plugin. The price of this site’s single site members will be $ 49. 5-site license is $ 79 and 25-site membership is $ 149.


TradeGecko is considered as one of the most popular inventory management solutions available for WooCommerce. This is a comprehensive tool that helps you deal with the growing demands of a growing business. TradeGecko helps in the  Automation of stock updates, stock adjustments, and purchase orders for your store. Its inventory software syncs your sales with many aspects of your store such as stock level, invoices, and delivery. It provides enough equipment for starting your own wholesale business by creating a wholesale price list for your products. Detailed reporting and analytics tools will provide valuable insights into your growing customer base and profits.

TradeGecko manages to keep itself simple to deal with, even if the data that is working with back end is quite complex. Seamless integration with WooCommerce ensures that your focus remains at the core of your business. It helps you sell many channels at the same time without any difficulty. You can integrate more than one WooCommerce store into a coordinated inventory system. It also helps in regular tasks such as making purchase orders and integrating purchases.

In addition, this product helps in tracking and keeps you updated about the end dates of the products that are defective. Accounting for your store is another tedious process that will help you with TradeGecko. Claude-based accounting systems such as Zero and QuickBooks, which are popular globally among small businesses, have been integrated with TradeGecko Online.

TradeGecko also has a free mobile app that will help you create and manage orders, as well as monitor your inventory.


Veeqo is an all-in-one commerce software that helps retailers manage orders, manage ships and inventory to customers. Simply connect your WooCommerce store to Vico and your inventory will be synchronized in real time, keep the inventory accurate on all your sales channels so that you do not overload.

With Veeqo’s list management you can:

  • Sync inventory in many warehouses and stores
  • Tell you where an item is located in your list
  • Create product bundles and balance list
  • Control how much stock is for each store
  • Show complete inventory history
  • Edit Bulk List
  •  You can Manage your inventory on desktop, mobile or tablet from anywhere.

WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce is a free WordPress Support inventory management tool. It helps you manage stocks for simple and variable products. With this plugin, you can manage stocks, stock position, back order, regular price, sales price and weight for each product and variation.

The color-coded user interface gives you a clear idea about the stock position, and you can take immediate action on any important situation. You can filter products by various criteria such as product type, category, stock position, etc.

The plugin allows you to export all stock data from your store to a CSV file. You can edit the CSV file according to your needs and then import it back into your store.

There are more than 10000 active installs on WordPress with 25 five-star reviews on the plugin. Simple layout and easy set surely contribute to its popularity in the community.

Woocommerce Rapid Stock Manager

This plugin helps you with the option to easily update the stock at your WooCommerce store. You can update stock automatically by adjusting with existing stock levels. In this way, your customers face any problem when they buy the product at the same time when you update the stock.

The low stock indicator will alert you when some of the stock of the products will go beyond a few limitations. If necessary, you can export stock reports in an Excel file. The detailed stock report is available with data that finalized and edited the stock.

With this plugin, you can integrate stock in many warehouses as well as print transfer receipts. You can customize the view of the plugin to display according to your preferences. You can buy this plugin with a regular license from Code Valley for $ 46. To understand more, check the terms of their license.

Benefits of Using a Solution for Inventory Management

  • Managing Many Sales Channels
  • Balance the supply chain
  • Tracking business
  • Real-time update
  • Automation for immediate results
  • Smooth integration with WooCommerce
  • Bulk Plugins can help in providing flexible pricing, product visibility control, tax control, shipping and payment rules, streamlined order form, etc.


Managing your inventory is a major task that WooCommerce Store owners may usually face. It becomes very difficult when you have many sales and purchase channels. WordPress WooCommerce Community offers various solutions to manage your list effectively. The solutions given in this article will help you to modify your list. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave a comment.